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Not a good week...

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by JFL, 10 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. JFL

    JFL New Member

    Hi all, this is my first post but I've been viewing the forum as a guest since I started Slimming World. The forum is a great source for Syn values and success stories!

    I've been making great progress since I began at the end of February. My starting weight was 17st 13lbs and since then I've had weekly losses of 5lbs, 2.5lbs, 3.5lbs, 2.5lbs and 2.5lbs to bring me down to last weeks weight of 16st 11lbs.

    I set myself a target weight of 16st 5lbs by my April 24th weigh in and I put an extra hard effort into this week and made sure I kept Syns to a bare minimum and got plenty of exercise.
    My total syns for the week was about 30, walked about 20km and played a full game of rugby last weekend.

    However, at weigh in today. I had no loss at all. Now I know that when losing weight, the rate of loss slows down but surely I cant be at the wall already? I tried so hard for the past week and am pretty upset at the result.

    I've been told that when you have a bad week, to go back to your food diary and see what you ate the weeks of good losses to compare. My diet for the past week was probably better and more stringent than any other weeks.

    I'm a 30yr old man for what it's worth. Thinking of a big chippy tea to comfort me!

    Thanks for any advice that anyone can provide!
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Best advice - ignore the chippy!! Seriously, I comforted myself last week and am regretting it SO much this week.

    Maybe post your weekly diary up here and we can have a look at what might have happened? Sometimes bodies just like scr*wing with us, you may get a bigger loss next week to make up for it.

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