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not a happy bunny today


is a naughty girl...
I stuck by the rules and everything and I have only lost a pound this week....and I know it is a pound after all, I just feeling a bit sorry for myself :cry:

think I am going to have a hot shake and get in the bath :wave_cry:

I just don't seem to lose at the rate of everyone else. Even the CDC seems to think it is a little strange but I promise I am NOT cheating.

I got to the toilet as I should, I am drinking 4 litres a day and I have my 3 products....:banghead:

Sorry to be so negative, I just feel yuk and needed to vent rather than just cheating so at least there was a reason I am not losing at the 'correct' speed!
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Least you lost this week, i stayed the same at weigh in!!! (although have shifted 2 since lol)

Ive come to notice people lose at different rates with cambridge, some it comes off like the clappers....others a slower rate (like me)..but it the hare and the tortoise isn't it ... its not a race x


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Oh Megan, poor you!

Some people have said this before and posted that they found success by moving up a plan? I'm not sure if this works, but might be worth looking into if you feel you're not shifting. I'm not a CDC and maybe totally wrong- I'm sure someone could correct me if I am xx


is a naughty girl...
I know, I would be happy if every week I lost 2.5 but i seem to lose 0.5, then 1 then 6 then 2.5. It is so annoying. I see people who cheat and nibble and get away with it and I seem to follow it to the letter and lose small amounts!

I will feel motivated in the morning but for now I am going to feel sorry for myself!

Thanks though mrs essex :D


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Aw Megan that sucks. I agree with Clare, maybe your metabolism needs a shock, a week on SS+ maybe?


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Megan, it's horrible when that happens and whats worse is the not knowing why. I had the same when I did my 810 week sts when I had kept to it 100% but the next week I lost 4lb and I hadn't done anything different.

Sometimes I think it's just our bodies adjusting and doing what they need to do. As frustrating as it is, it does and will work for us in the long run. Chin up hon -next week will be better. xx


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Ah Megan

Sorry to hear that this week its a pound. I know all the statements that we offer (pick up a pound of butter etc to see how much fat you have lost) doesn't take away from the disappointment that you are feeling.
The last time I lost a pound in a week I was on Lighterlife, and I headed straight to that fast food outlet with the chicken, and the secret herbs and spices (but the not so secret calories which soon piled onto my hips). I was then about 11:7 and a couple of stones to goal - I stopped the binge months later at over 14 stones.
The relaxing bath sounds lovely (I have a stash of special goodies now for bath-time, today I tried out a luscious L'Occitane milky soap). Better for me than my previous comforter of Cadbury's!
I do hope that next week's weigh-in brings a happier result but, honestly, well done on getting rid of a pound x


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Megan..
Just wanted to say chin up a pound is still a pound off and a pound closer to goal..
I found in my beginning months some weeks I would have a big loss and then perhaps for a few weeks after they would be lower.. Look at the bigger picture hon rather than just focussing on this week.
You are doing great..


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Hi Megan

Poor you I know I would feel the same as I have been sticking to the cd 100% and intend to continue doing so. However we have to be optimistic that next weigh in will bring an increase in weight loss so lets wait and see what it brings. I'll certainly be checking the forum to see how you get on. Enjoy that bath!

Natalie xx
S: 18st4lb C: 17st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 1st1lb(5.86%)
That's a bummer! But it is still a loss.
And sorry for asking the obvious, but could it be TOTM? My loss is always less round about that time.
And please dont start thinking that there is a 'correct speed' to your losses. Everyone's body reacts differently. Mine loses in fits & starts, one week I lose loads the next I lose 1 or 2lbs. Just so long as it's coming off I'm happy.
Enjoy your bath, and relax.



is a naughty girl...
thanks guys and sorry for being a misery guts! As I said I feel much more motivated and better today :D Its not TOTM and infact last time it was, I lost 6 pounds (confused?!?!)

Hope you are all having a good day :D and thanks for the support!
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Hi Megan,

Small losses do suck, no doubt about it!

But one thing is for sure, as long as you keep going you will lose weight eventually, it's a sure thing! This diet is like that as you know!

Hang in there babes. Next week you will have a larger loss!

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