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Extra Easy Not a happy bunny

Lots of sympathy and hugs for you. I sort of understand how you feel, I stayed the same this week and also have no idea why. It kind of makes you wish you'd had all the things you resisted just so you'd at least enjoyed the gain doesn't it....:sigh:

Do your best this week and maybe you'll get an extra loss next week, our bodies that we're trying to fix just don't want to play some weeks and it's so disheartening.

Chin up and maybe post your food diary so the clever people on here can have a look incase there's something you've forgotten, not saying you have but we all sometimes slip up.

Best of luck for next week.:)
No I don't put them on here I should really shouldn't I. I just can't see anything at all that I have done, I follow extra easy always have my HEX - 1 of each and even try to vary these.

I won't let this beat me though :8855:x


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only thing i can suggest like every1 else is keep a food diary for this week and see if they are any underlying problems


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your welcome x
Hugs to you - it's really demotivating when that happens.

I'm doing EE as well and I have noticed that if I sts or put on one week I tend to lose more the next week (2 weeks ago I out on 2lbs and last week I lost 5lbs). Hopefully this will happen for you as well :cross::cross::cross:
Are you having all your syns? I find if I keep my syns low, I don't lose as much as when I have between 10 and 15! Also, do you exercise, as sometimes this can affect your weightloss, but you may be losing inches instead - have you measured yourself?


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also did you have pretty much same clothes on than last time you got weighed? go tiolet? or eat nearer weigh in? sometimes it can be case of 'that time in day' rather than gained lots


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Yeah, I "eat light" on WI days and try and wear the same clothes!!

One girl in my group made the mistake of wearing jeans to her first WI and has to wear them every week now, otherwise if she loses she thinks "well, it was the jeans"!!

Re: eating light - today I have had Bran Flakes, raspberries and milk for my breakfast, I've got fruit for snacks and a massive salad for lunch. If I get hungry after I've finished my lunch I've got Mugshots in my desk drawer.

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