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  1. Chubzy

    Chubzy Member

    Goood morning all and what a bright morning it is . I am a user of lipotrim or should i say was and was very impressed with the weight loss. I am thinking of going back on it and came across exante.
    Now my question is not which is better but how similar are they? We all know the price increase in lipotrim at £60 a pop it will cost me £300 for the month, where as exante is only £108 using 4 week bumper pack and getting a pack of free shakes.
    I would be using the shakes only for exante if i went on it and was wondering is it the same as lipo as u just mix it with some cold water and drink water throughout the day?
    Cheers all for any replies :)
    Have a nice day
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  3. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Hi there, i'm on exante, and can't give any info re the differences between them as haven't been on lipo. but have had the shakes on exante and i like them, u make with water, supposed to be 200ml but i make with 250 mls and add crushed ice, as i found it makes them nice and thick and creamy. i add cinnamon to the vanilla as i don't like coffee, and it is really nice. also have had the choc one hot as i am not a fan of choc, so find nicer hot. picky so and so i know lol :D i also like the strawberry and banana shakes. hope that helps :D
  4. Chubzy

    Chubzy Member

    Hi jeanette thanks for replying :D. Are the shake packs for exante small? The lipotrim ones are big and so is mixed with about 500 mil water. 2 packs for twice a day and water in between. I had the chocolate lipo so i will probably go on the chocolate exante.
    Or is it just easier to stick to lipo.
    Exante are giving 50 chrismas pud shakes away with bumper packs does anyone know if this is nice?
  5. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Hi, I think they're smaller, as u have 3 a day, total 600 cals a day. Nothing else if ur on total solution. Prob somebody else whose been on both will reply.
    I've been on it since end of last may, with about 4 weeks off for holidays and off again begining dec and back 1st jan, and hav lost 6st.
    Havent tried xmas pud shakes, sorry.

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  6. shoebedoo

    shoebedoo Silver Member

    Hi der .. I did lipotrim yrs ago... Found d packs disgusting and repetitive coz of no variety and d bars had an awful after taste... Plus tasted horrid! Didnt last long on dem... Exante packs r way nicer in my opinion!
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  7. Chubzy

    Chubzy Member

    Nobody seems to have had the xmas shakes lol. What pack would u recommend?? Im just finishing my last couple lipo packs and want to order exante soon as not to have a break. 3 i think may be better too as easier to space through the day.
    Hi shoebedoo it doesnt bother me the repetitveness of lipo. I know they taste rank lol but they kill my craving for the local kebab shop which is what i need. I was an avid gym user before i got married and my son was born. Plus with late night work and my wifes superb cooking everything went south :(.
  8. jeanette78

    jeanette78 Silver Member

    Hi there, good luck with exante. I like pretty much all the shakes I hav tried. Which are. Strawb, banana, vanilla, and the choc hot. Also some like shoebe splits packs in half, so can have an extra one for supper. Also its a good idea to hav some bars as I find them ideal to take in bag when out for day and the family has a meal. I have soups, poridge, meals as well as shakes.

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