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NOT ATTACK - Tofu yoghurt cake


** Chief WITCH **
By popular demand, here is the tofu yoghurt cake we've been raving about. You need to find SILKEN TOFU. This recipe contains a tolerated ingredient, so is unsuitable for ATTACK or if your weight loss is slow or stalling.

Easy version:
- 150g silken tofu,
- two 100g smooth fat free yoghurts (lemon flavour is great if you can find it) (or 1 x 190g muller lite!).
- 2 level tablespoons corn flour (counts 2 x tolerated items - ie whole day's worth if you eat whole "cake")
1 egg
2 tablespoons sweetener
Whisk together with hand whisk + don't worry if lumpy!

Pour into 8" silicon round mould (or silicon muffin cases - not as good though). Bake 150°C 20-40 mins (being deliberately vague here, cos I've two ovens and each cooks it differently!).

I sometimes turn oven off and let it cool therein. Cut when cool. I get 10 slices out of mine - 5 days.
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Where do you find silken tofu, Jo? I've found the 'normal' one OK but never seen this one. I'm guessing organic supermarkets? Is it chilled?


** Chief WITCH **
Do you have access to any speciality Asian food stores, Robin? That's where I find mine (Chinese has it long life (it says "soft" on it); Japanese has it fresh (and I go by how it looks cos there's no writing I can understand on it!).
Thanks Jo, I will go hunting! Maybe now Dukan has added the tofu to the ever-growing list, it will eventually pop up in supermarkets.


** Chief WITCH **
Oatbran has now popped up in my local Auchan in the country - dearer per kilo than in the organic shop in the city! Definitely worth watching out for that sort of thing!

I just French googled "tofu soyeux, Dukan" and some say they find it in the fresh counter of their bio shop.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks for the recipe, tried it this weekend. I had no flavoured yoghurts handy so used plain and added some vanilla essence and also grated rind of 1/2 lemon (probably not allowed before Conso though).

Used the long-life 'firm' silken tofu that comes in a block and blitzed it in my blender till really smooth. Then mixed in everything else.

Baked at 150C for the full 40+ minutes, in a loaf tin, and cut into 12 'fingers'. Delicious cheese-cake like flavour (my home made yoghurt is quite acidic).

One to repeat! See pic.



** Chief WITCH **

This recipe is fine without tofu... now that Muller's are condemned, perhaps with quark/fromage frais and food flavouring rather... particularly on attack or if not losing well given that there's another tolerated ingredient there (cornflour)?

Mark James

Laughing Gravy
Thanks for the recipe, Jo. I Couldn't find silken tofu anywhere, then I remembered a Chinese supermarket in Leeds and they have tons of the stuff.

The 'cake' was delicious, very moreish - the texture almost defies description. In fact it does defy description, but I like it. Mm-hmm.
Don't know what it would be like but Asda seem to have some:

"Great for entr?es & desserts. Soyabean Curd. EACH MORI-NU BOX IS A LITTLE TOFU "FACTORY." A blend of wholesome soybeans, water, and natural coagulant is poured into each Mori-Nu package. Once hermetically sealed, the rich soymilk is transformed into creamy, silken tofu right inside the box."

I wonder if that's how its usually made. May have to get my next load of shopping delivered from them just to try this recipe!

I read a bit further and this one says its 'firm' silken TOFU so I've found some available mailorder from goodness direct that is 'soft'. Does it matter which I go for do you think?
Just found this, going to have it next week made with 0% and flavourings. Thanks Jo.

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