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Fuzzys Angel

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......Just thought i'd have a bit of a rant whilst i'm on my break:coffee:. Working these wards are beginning to drive me mad, not a week goes by that i'm punched, kicked or shouted abuse at, i'm really getting p!ssed off with it!:raincloud:

Not only the abuse the sh*t & loads of it:hitthefan: :hitthefan: :hitthefan: :hitthefan: . on the ward there this guy very confused but he keeps sh*tting himself & playing with it.....Yuk! The thing is as i'm trying to clean him up he keeps grabbing me & yes you have guessed it i get my arms covered in it....Why, oh why do i do this job:sign0009: . I could earn more as a cleaner or stacking shelves at tesco's.

So why do i do it? Because i love the job, i love the challenge and love it when we have patients that don't kick, punch & shout loads of abuse at us, it makes you realise why this job is so important! As i work on an acute medical ward it's lovely to see, once very poorly patients get well & go home....

Anyway i've ranted enough, only got 15 minutes left of my break so i'm gonna say :nightf: & nip out for a quick :smoke:

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Hi Mandi!

OMG! You must have the patience of a saint hun! But you know what? You are such a star! Keep remembering that these patients don't want to act like that either, but unfortunately, circumstances have changed them into people that they probably don't recognise themselves. We NEED peeps like you! What would any of us do if no-one did your job? You're more special than you give yourself credit for! I bet your patients families find you indispensable! After reading your reason why you do your job, I'd be a happy bunny knowing if I turn out that way at any stage of my life, there's people like you out there who'd happily look after me. Give yourself a BIG pat on the back!:patback:
ps: must go top up medicine and blow my nose for the bazillionth time! Ni-night! :sick:


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hi Mandi,
so know where you are coming from, i'm at work tonight on a Vascular surgery ward. About 80% of the time it fab & apart from having to work nights its ok.
Tonight we have a v confused 96yr old lady causing havock, just tried to give her something to settle her & she spat it back at me, so i now smell of Oxycodone - eugh !
oh well bills have to paid & kids fed :(
Oh jeez! Bless you and every single nurse who has to put up with nonsense like that!!

You know what? You lot are far, far better women than me! I just couldn't deal with that - not one bit!

Ladies, I salute you!



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hey fuzzy know exactly where you are coming from
worked with EMI`s for 4 years and very violent at times
then went onto young adults with special needs again very rewarding job but some day the violence does get a bit much

good job you have places like this to rant
your a star


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to all my fellow nurses, well done.
in ireland we are supposed to be on strike at moment . hasnt actually happened as the wards are to busy to leave . ironic !! the government is presently paying ambulance,police ,fire brigades 15% more than we get ,why,they are mostly men !! . i have care attendants working with me that get paid the same as me but have no responsibilty . bring on the poo,puke and phlegm( no not phlegm) but please get rid of the antiquated health service .
in ireland in the past four years , administration staff have risen by 40% ,nurses decreased by 16% . what does that tell you ?they might as well give the newly qualified nurses australian visa applications with their certificates. thats where most of them head to .
sorry to rant but it worries me that by the time im elderly there will be no nursing care ,care homes or state health service


naughty night nurse
S: 16st6lb C: 16st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.87%)
on a lighter note ,being a nurse always helped on the b/f front and got me into free concerts( medical tent) and got me off speeding fines and generally gave me a chance to laugh with patients that had reason to laugh and meet some of the most fascinating people ever created .oh, and gave me the ability to talk about bodily functions while eating and not give a damn, and laugh at others turning green all around me


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I can only say a heartfelt thank you for the job you nurses do. I worked in a care home for 6months and physically, mentally and emotionally it was the most demanding and soul destroying job I had ever done, as management wanted to pay as little as possible for as much as they could get. I used to get to emotionally attached to the patients and ended up having to leave.

We are lucky to have such dedicated and caring people working in our hospitals and I just wish we could show you how much you are appreciated with decent salaries.


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No wonder you always smell of sh*t when you come home ;)
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