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not coping and feel so guilty

Hey mate!!! You will be ok, just do something to distract u, its day 2 and its the hardest time, from tomoro things are guna get easier!!!

Why dont u go out for a walk or something? The day hasnt got much longer to run mate then thats another day done, come on u can do it

Please dont give in ladies THINK about next wi.!!! all them pounds you will have lost.!

Have an early nite? that helps for me last nite i was in bed for 7pm and guess what it worked .!!
It really does get easier girls!!! HONESTLY. For me day 4 is the turning point but i guess everyone is different, I try and distract myself, have a bath, read a magazine, a good book, anything to stop u thinking of jacking it all in, it is soooooooo worth it when u go to that first weigh in and see how well u have done



Cambridge Consultant
STICK WITH it.. The third day was my hardest but once I was past that I was in the zone..
Its so so worth it...... Keep yourself busy an bubble bath, a walk a good book or mag anything to keep you occupied.
But its worth every hunger pain as once you start seeing the weight drop off you feel great and want to lose even more and get to your goal.
Hang in there xxx
Please please stick with it, it gets so much easier! It gets to the point where you are just NOT hungry, I sometimes forget to have my 3rd pack. It gets easier, and the results are quick and fab!
Hi, have you tried drinking more water? amazing how it fills you up:)
I was just going to say that!

Everytime I've felt like cheating this week, I've forced myself to have a glass of water. It seems to work quite well - much to my surprise. :eek:

But yep, pampering yourself and having an early night works really well too! :D

Stick with it, hun. :hug99:
Hope that you have been able to continue with CD vic.

It is so worth it to get through the awful hungry beginning, just as everyone has said, I totally agree.

Let us know how you got on x

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