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Not Diet Related but need advise

Hi Guys

This has nothing to do with dieting but I just wanted to know if you could help.

Since wednesday my face has been really sore , skin like leather to touch and now its become so sore :( Moisturiser hurts to put on , it really stings , my cheekbones are swollen and it all stings to touch , its like bad sunburn or something.

Can anyone tell me what i should do to treat it?
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If I were you I would pop along to your pharmacist and ask them for advice-maybe a really thick cream like aqueous cream might be what you need ?

Sounds like a reaction to something, have you changed any of your facial products ?
I have been putting E45 on , I just out it on now and my face is on fire :( this all came out of no where. I am not working at the moment so I cant afford to go to the doctors , and id rathe rnot go outside while i look like this. even my eyes hurt now , probably because my cheekbones are swollen. thanks for replying x
have you got anysort of antihistamine in the house ? like piriton or something, that might take it down a bit.
I hear what you are saying about the doctors being expensive, but a couple weeks ago I have conjunctivitus and the chemist gave me something that was half the price of a presrciption and it worked.
Its weird because I never really get sick , like i get back pain and those kind of things but never a cold or flu , maybe once a year but last year when my brother had the flu I didnt get it but i got Conjunctivitus twice in a month , my eyes were raw red it was awful and the doctor said that it might have been because of my brothers flu , that , thats how it affected me

And he has had a flu all week , I wonder it this is how his cold is affecting my body? hmmm , it literally feels like 1st degree burns , and ive had 1st & 2nd degree burns so i know how that feels!


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I second the antihistamine advice. try it ASAP.
Really think about your routine for the last week or so. have you changed anything you put near your face. as suggested, skincare. makeup, laundry detergent/softner/dryer sheets.
Have you eaten anything different.
Have you taken any meds or vitamins?
Are there any environmental changes in your area?
Do you have any bites on your face you may have missed?
Stop putting anything on your face, creams or otherwise until you have taken some medical advice, it may only be irritating it more :)
I use the pharmacy regularly for advice before I would see a dr.
Did you make sure you wore gloves/washed your hands extremely well afterwards? I have extremely sensitive skin and it can flare up from the tiniest drop of that stuff! Hope you're ok Jojobear:) x
Similar thing happened to me a while back, I had a reaction to face cream. I would suggest antihistamine (hayfever tabs will do the trick) and avoid using anything fragranced on your face. Mine cleared up after a few days but got worse before it got better. Hope you feel better soon x


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jojo, how you feeling today?
Jojobear said:
Yay I am all better :) thanks for all the well wishes ! xx
Did you find out what it was in the end? Or what had caused it? Glad your better!

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I'm allergic to E45. It hs lanolin in it, so if you ahve an allergy to this, which is common E45 will bring a reaction. I say stop taking E45, and try piriton or cheap alternative.

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