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Not doing well

A while a go I joined this forum and did lose weight, but I stopped and have put it back on and more. The last 2 weeks I have done slimming world with my mum and she has done really well and I have stuck to it 100% and only lost 1lbs.
Anyway I have decided I am coming back to WW but I am worried I won't stick to it, I don't know why I don't because I feel horrible with the way my body looks but people around me always ask me if I am on a diet, what I have had to eat that day etc and it just makes me feel really horrible.

I have got a family party coming up in july and I really want to look good for it so no one says anything about me, so I was just wondering if you have any tips for when someone makes a nasty comment or you are having a bad day. I am starting on Friday as I am out all day tomorrow.

Thanks and sorry for the long post
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first off hunni, i think you are keeping the wrong company! friends shouldnt be asking when your dieting or saying nasty things!!

if they do just tell them to **** off or say "oooh was going to ask you the same thing, have you gained a few pounds recently.......your not pregnant are you???"........." No? oh sorry bout that love" lol
I know how you feel my mum is exactly the same, i know its only for my own good. I have faffed faffed faffed with WW now for 5 weeks and lost and put it all back on on a works trip to France for a week...GGRRRRR. I am in the process of moving house too, hopefully next week and then new house, new ME. i think the way to do it is to do it for you and as alot of people say on here try to not think of it as a diet but more a change for life because if your like me it will soooooo have to be for life because I am such a yo yo.

I find I binge/comfort eat especially when I am stressed and got alot on.

You have to be in the right place o be determined. Anyone can do it and even I know that....

You can do it hun just make sure you're doing it for you and not everyone else...

This site is amzing and everyone is so lovely you can do it if you keep on this forum. You'll get 100000% support and love from everyone here.

Good Luck sweetie xxxx
Thanks for both of you replies, the problem is it is mainly a close family member that is obsessed with weight that goes on and my dad did tell her when she really upset me before but she got upset that she had hurt me and it stopped but after a few weeks she started again.
I know I should just ignore it and I do try but sometimes it is really hard especially if you are feeling really fat and nothing looks nice on.


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change the subject or ask her the same thing. :) avoid/ignore her question because it is not her business. It is only your business what you do!

You need to find the willpower to say "no" :) I enjoy saying no now and seeing peoples faces! It makes you feel a bit better knowing its not going to add to your weight! :D
its really hard 2 get into it at 1st. But they say when you do something 21 times it becomes a habbit, i lost 4st once on WW and found the best thing to help me stay on track was to take 10 mins with a coffee in the evening, sit down with my WW books and plan what I was going to eat the next day. By doing it the night b4 you can be more creative and find ways to make your points go further as your not trying to stick to points while your starving and need something quickly!! I know its hard but try to ignore these people, after i had my daughter a family member came to see her & said "are you sure they didnt leave 1 in there?" i could have cried 4 weeks but i just told myself "i wont always be fat. . . . . . but you'll always be ugly" lol!!

Sending some positive thinkin your way xxxx


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Firstly well done on returning to ww. If you really want to lose the weight for you and not to please anyone else you can do it. Every day you stick to plan increases your self esteem and will help you to deal with negative comments from others.

I must admit it I hate it when people comment on what I am eating. When it comes to the close family member, I would tell her/him that you find their comments hurtful and you would appreciate their support and if you want it ask for their help. If not just tell them to butt out - I know its easier said than done, but to be successful with this weight loss malarky you need to put your own needs first and anyone holding you back or putting you down needs to be avoided, ignored or told to butt out.

Good luck with the plan you can do it, just think about how great you will feel at that wedding
Simple shut her up with
Oh Im pregnant sorry didnt realise you were the last to know laugh and walk off....

Lifes too short to care what she thinks,shes obv got bad issues herself and takes them out on more vunerable people as in like a bully does.....

Were support you here,just do this for you and stuff the world,Ive had a bad couple of emotional days and everyone here has been there for me and Ive stuck 100% and Im in week 10 so it can be done.
You have 2 months and easily a stone off hey xxx

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