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  1. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    The past few days have been weird. Yesterday i only had 2 milkshakes because I couldnt eat my choc bar!! I cant stomach peanut anymore, it makes me wana puke and then i can smell it all the time and its just disgusting. So yesterday i just ate (well scraped off with my teeth :D ) all the chocolate covering the bar and had to put the rest in the bin, i couldnt eat it.

    I contaced my CDC and asked her what i should eat and she said that i should have some tinned tuna to get my cals up. Well i didnt do this because i am sure tinned tuna would not be good to eat at this stage:confused: . I was going to steam some chicken but i didnt have the energy. I felt awful last night.

    Also, for a few days i was also having trouble eating my choc bars and only had 1/2 to 2/3s of them because I was so busy and i forgot. I would remember when i was lying in bed and then i felt it was too late to eat.

    So i was just wondering if this would effect my weightloss in a negative way for this week :confused:

    I have had all my 3 milkshakes today and intend to for the rest of the diet. :D

    Its just that my taste buds keep changing and the bars i thought i liked, i now hate. :( ( i still like my orange and chocolate :) )

    I would appreciate any advice and comments.

    Thanks in advance xx :)
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  3. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hiya - sorry ur finding it tough...:( sounds like you're having probs with the bars....could you not swap these for more shakes with your Counsellor ?? I have done this severla times for my customers when they find they really don't like something...she should provide this the Code of Conduct (I think !)


  4. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Hiya Maybe,

    I am in my fifth week of cambridge and for the first couple of weeks had both the shakes and soups - but by the end of week three I found that I just could not stomach the soups. It seems that they tasted completely different to when I started and, like you, I got to the point where I could not force them down.

    Luckily I had enough shakes to see me through until my next appointment with my councillor and she was more than happy to swap my unused soups for more shakes.

    I don't really have any advice for you but just thought you might want to know you are not alone!
  5. minime100

    minime100 Full Member

    I agree, over the last few weeks have gone right off the soups. Also I missed a few shakes this week, and only lost two punds, so wont be doing that again! Personally with the bars I have an odd relationship! I loved the choc and toffee at first, but now I hate the texture. I have got into the orange ones, and I love the crunch of the peanut and the cranberry, but that will prob change over the next few weeks too!!!!
  6. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank for all your replies, its nice to know that other people have gone through similar experiences.

    I am thinking that i might stick to bars for one week after AAM week and then maybe change to all milkshakes.

    I cant stand the soups though, hated them from Day 1!!

    Thanks again xx :)
  7. Azar

    Azar Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hey Maybe_baby,

    How are ya? long time havent chatted much. Anyway i just wanted to tell you that by missing some of the CD packs per day, means that your body doesnt get 100% of the nutrition it needs and when that happens, it could effect you weigt loss.

    Try to take them all daily and try drinking a bit extra water, that should help you alot. Hope you do well in your next weigh in....

    Good luck
  8. Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I found that my tastes keep changing too - or maybe we just get sick of samethings! Try to vary it a bit and go with what your body is asking for. I'd be wary about not having all the CD requirements. There's no point in getting slim AND being ill !!!!!!
  9. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Choc mint and choc milkshakes are the only ones i can stomach at the mo and i am praying that i dont go off them, lol.

    I felt so awful from not having all my packs, i really wanted to have some steamed chicken breast but i couldnt work up the energy to make any and it was too late in the day.

    I am never doing that again. But so far i have managed to get all my packs in.yey.

    Get weighed on friday ths week because CDC is away today, so i will try to up my water. Although i dont drink much on fridays because i have college all day and i hate asking to be excused to go to the toilet. I also have an exam this week too so i really do not want to keep rushing to the loo.

    Hope everyone is well. Azar, i will try to get on MSN tonight. I have been too tired to go on and i have sooo much revision to do. Hope you are well.

    xx :)
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