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Not eating enough?

Hi all!
Started Attack yesterday, 2 and a half pounds down this morning, which is encouraging as am looking to lose a stone.
I notice the book advises to keep eating on attack days. I have done Cambridge fairly recently and lost nearly a stone, so am not finding the Dukan regime too difficult. However, my appetite has rapidly diminished and I wonder if there is such a thing as not eating enough on Attack phase. I want to progress with the loss as speedily as is reasonable.
Today I have had 2 scrambled eggs. Two small beef patties made with extra lean beef. I am going to work soon, was going to have some salmon, but tbh can't face it. I will pick on a bit of chicken breast/cottage cheese whilst at work and when I get home this evening, I expect my galette with some sweetner and a 0% natural yog will be enough, plus skimmed in tea and coffee throughout the day. Is this enough? Do I need to eat more for the best losses? I actually feel a bit yuck after the beef patties!
Thank you!
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Not very good at this!
Yes it doesn't sound as though you are eating enough. Fill in your stats and then we will be better placed to help you if we now how much you have to lose. I found I lost better the more I ate.
Thanks, I have put my stats in now.
I have brought my beef patties to work and put them in the fridge! ( They are quite small. I made 8 of them from 500g of lean minced beef)

Tbh I am not at all hungry at the moment ( very unusual for me as I am a great "picker" ) and can't really stomach the thought of anything just now.

Did anyone else feel like this?


Not very good at this!
There is an amount of protein you are meant to have per kg you weigh but I can't remember offhand what it is; 70g per kilo vaguely comes to mind. You may find it slower going as you don't have that much to lose. To give you an idea I have had a 3 egg omelette today with tuna, some spicy meatballs (used a whole pack of mince) and 2 salmon fillets! Hopefully you will get your appetite back as you really do need to eat on this plan! Are you eating your oatbran?
Our FAQ thread is a really good place to have a browse through for newcomers. Good luck!
Thanks for reply, I kind of gathered from what I read that I should be consuming more. Hopefully this dull appetite thing will pass, I almost feel slighly nauseous at the prospect of food at the mo (again VERY unusual for me) , maybe it's all part of the body adjusting.
Will have a read as suggested and see if I can find the protein per kilo figure you mentioned.
The oatbran I had as a galette for supper. I work til 10.30 so it is a nice thing to have when I get in with a cuppa before bed.
Thank you!

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