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not enough fat help

Well what are you eating?

For example if you have cereal with skimmed milk you could switch to semi skimmed or fully skimmed just to get a little fat boost.

I think you're supposed to be eating about 45g of fat a day (although I'm usually under that myself)
Maybe it's not just fat Debbie, maybe you're not taking in enough calories overall, or not eating the right kinds of foods.
As PK says, you can have up to 45g of fat each day (15g for each meal) but I rarely even get close to that. I'd say rather than just increasing your fat intake, have a look at your food intake overall and see if you're eating enough of the right kinds of foods - the things that release energy slowly and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
Obviously, you've got some leeway to increase your fat intake if you wanted to, but I wouldn't look at that in isolation.
Thanks Alex for your advice what kinds of food do you think i should be eating i feel so run down i havent had any oristat for 2 days now to see if i felt any better it seems such a shame i was doing so well i dont want to put any weight back on debbie x
Well I'm no expert or dietitian but I think the general advice is to eat complex carbohydrates rather than refined ones (things like wholemeal pasta, brown rice), grains, oats, seeds, nuts, beans and so on...
If you google 'slow energy release foods' you should get some good tips.

If you really are feeling so lethargic, and you're sure that you're eating enough calories, then maybe you should have a trip to the doctors to check that nothing else is going on.
It seems unusual to suddenly start feeling so tired and lacking in energy after taking the Xenical for so long, especially if you haven't particularly changed your diet or exercise regime recently.

Let us know how you go on x

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