Not enough said about 790!!!! Its fab!!!

Hi all, Have just got back from seeing my cdc and have lost a total of 22lbs in 5 weeks!! and thats not ss that was on cd790,There seems to be a lot more peeps on here that ss and just wanted to say for those that cant face not having anything at all to eat this is a great alternative!! Its great being able to have some milk if i want to, and be able to have a small meal with family in the evening, i personally feel i still have a certain amount of control over my eating habits and certainly dont feel im missing out too much!! Very little is talked about 790 on here and feel thats a shame as ss doesnt suit all ! and 790 is still a vlcd AND i have stayed in ketosis (although i take my hat off to all you that do ss,i hope to maybe oneday!!). Mind you having a wonderful cdc is a must on any of these programmes and mine certainly is!!( Pat on the back for Aideen!!).
I started off on ll but only did 2weeks,then missed a week then started cd altogether i have lost 2 1/2 stone!! dropped from size 24 to 20 and feeling fab!! long may it continue!!
Love from a very positive Sarah xx
That's brill, Sarah - and you're absolutely right that 790 is a fab plan to follow. I've got lots of clients who prefer it to SS and they lose weight really well too!

Well done on your losses!!!!!
Well done Sarah!!

Also, thanks for posting that. I've looked at the 790 and thought that I could probably happily do that as maintenance and to take me down to 10 stone (because I won't be able to ss after 11 stone) and it's really encouraging to hear you can still lose on it, but also get to grips with food.
I have loads of people doing 790 and it is a very very good way of losing weight.

If I have any returners then I now always recommend 790 before SS and find this a much more effective way of doing the diet.

The only problem with 790 as I see it is that if you develop the meal i.e. suddenly the chicken has gravy on it then it can be a problem but if you can get your head round that little meal then it works brill.

Like Mike I have lots of people on the 790 losing on average 1 stone per month and still able to have small meal with the family at night.

It is an excellent programme to follow and for restarters defininitely a good choice.
Hi Sarah

I haven't been on here much this last week as my life has become so hectic it is just - well gone crazy!!

But I wanted to say, well done for posting, I know you have said you felt a bit left out because you are not SS, there are so many people doing the 790 that I am surprised more don't post about it.

Thank you for your kind words about me, but you know you are the one doing the hard work and well done to you!!!!!

As I said to you when I saw you on Wednesday - you are looking FAB so keep up the good work

Have a lovely weekend

So pleased you've found the best plan for you sarah :)

As Mike, isobel and Linda say lots of people are on 790 and doing extremely well. I'm a great believer in 'horses for courses' and 790 certainly suits people who want to be able to have a small meal and join in with the family each evening.

I've been doing 790 for the past couple of weeks as step two of maintenance and really love it :D

did a search for add a meal/790 and found your post! Very thankful you posted! I just recently posted asking if anyone was doing the 790 plan as it does seem many are doing sole source. With my job, running around quite a bit and with reponsbility I thought i would need some food to get me through the day so have opted to follow the 790 plan. Still at the start (day 2 started today) but a friend i know did this plan last week and lost 8lbs on it. And if you can lose an equivalent amount on ss, then might as well have some food, and lose quite a bit also!
Also think that 790 addresses eating habits too, cos its limited healthy food.