not even made a week


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How little will power do I have? I've been so good all week, then day 5, feeling tired and lazy, all it took was hubby to say , come on lets go to the chippy and I gave in :break_diet:We don't even normally go there when not on a diet, it must have been a good 6 months since I last went. Then to top it off, I thought I had really blown it anyway, so washed it down with 3 cans of lager. :cry: Feel so bad today that I didn't tell hubby no and cooked as I'd planned. God knows how much thats put back on. Gutted.
So do I carry on as normal or try to have no syns at all for the rest of the week?
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put it behind you, and start again today, we all have bad days, we are human after all, count it as syns and have lots free and speed food for the next two days , x good luck


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I personally find that if I cut down to around 1/2 my syns it keeps my weight loss as normal (tried cutting syns out completley and found I maintained or in some cases gained ) Just get back on the plan and you will be fine . :) xx


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Sorry to hear about your worries, godness knows how many times I have been in your situation.

I have only been doing SW for a few days but when I decided to do the plan I made a decision that if I have a blow out, I would draw a line under it the next day and go back to doing the plan.

When I was on WW, I used to always go over my points and then try and claw it back. In the end my eating became erractic and was doing me no god

So for me if I did this with SW Syns it would be as bad.

Try not to give yourself a hard time, we all have mishaps. Forgive yourself and start again x


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It's not the end of the world. Just get back on plan today. Over Christmas I went off plan for 2 weeks and ate terribly but only put on 2.75 lb so I'm sure that in just one evening you wont have done too much damage.


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Definitely put it behind you because after all you didn't develop a weight problem in one day so one day off plan isn't going to make a difference. The only problem would be if you let this distract you from continuing with the plan. But one thing I would say is you need to get your hubby on board. Does he not know you are on SW so why did he sabotage you? It's important that you have the support of your family in what you want to do so you need to think about how you will handle this situation if it happens again.


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yep, i think the same as everyone else!you had a bad day but its a new day now!Plus don't feel guilty, we're not robots who can just eat well all of the time, we're human and it takes time to re-programme your brain into eating a better diet with the odd treat now and again.Good luck for the rest of the week;-)


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Just start afresh today and dont beat yourself up - best of luck!! I find weekends really hard


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Not fair not having the support you need. If it happens again instead of thinking that's it I've blown it and keep going with more syns, stop after that meal and go straight back on. Don't try to change anything just continue as though it never happened but eat as much healthy food as you can so your body benefits from the good foods vitamins xx


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Just draw a line under it and start again, it's only one day after all, good luck.

Mumma K

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we have all done that at some point or other
chin up just forget about it and make a fresh start


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Aw Mella sending cyber (((hugs))) please don't get to upset over it, we have all been there, just start again and remember how you feel now, the next time you face something like this.

Its not going to harm in any massive way if we have the ocassional treat such as this.

I agree with he comment about getting your hubby on board, my hubby and kids are watching me like a hawk and let me know what I can and can't have :D

Good luck and keep going.


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I agree, draw a line and start afresh. I also agree with Circes, you need to get your hubby involved. Explain how SW works, and ask him not to tempt you. Men do get it, eventually! Good luck, you can do it!


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Never mind, count the syns as best you can for the day, take it as a flexi syn day (that way even though you may have gone over your allowance you will still be on plan) and carry on with the rest of the week. You may be able to pull back a few syns, but don't make yourself misserable trying. Its only one day. Good luck for the rest of the week.


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Ok. That day is done with. Now is the time to plan for the next time.

If another time comes along when you feel 'tired and lazy' what are you going to do? As far as I know Chinese or even Indian (depending what you pick and what day you are on) are lower syn than chippy.

Today could be the time to put some stuff in the freezer that even hubby could just re-heat if you fancy a night off cooking.

Always remember - No matter what you choose to eat you have never 'really blown it'. Next time, even if you choose to have chippy, don't have the 3 cans of lager.


I've done this a zillion times - probably most of us have. Funny how when its someone else its easy to see that its just a tiny blip, unimportant in the grand scheme of things - but when its us its a huge 'diet-ending'- deal.

When you think of how long it takes to lose say a stone - one hour of madness isn't that big a deal - just draw a line under it and forget it. Get back on the plan straightaway and don't punish yourself by cutting your syns for the rest of the week - forget it.

Good luck!

(oh and give your hubby a kick up the backside lol)


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Wow, thanks everyone for all your replies, the support on here is phenomonal!
I've taken everyone's advice, the line is drawn, whats done is done and I'll learn from it next time. I'm not actually upset by it, just really mad at myself. I could understand it if i'd been at it for months, but not to make the 1st week?
As for the hubby, he's a really fussy eater, worse than me lol, and he said, well more like whinged, that he'd eaten my dry cr*p all week (hint that I overcooked the cheesy meatballs the night before) and wanted something nice. Next time i'll tell him to walk there himself, that should put him off!
I think next week should be easier i've i've been making extra portions of things this week for the freezer.
Today was a new day!
thanks again everyone

Jim Jam

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Well done Mella, that's the spirit! I was bad yesterday but have got straight back on it today, no feeling guilty and telling myself I've blown it! Good luck with the rest of your week x