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Not feeling full!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by RosiePops, 16 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi all
    Today and yesterday I have not been able to stop eating!!
    Its not that I am being greedy, I just haven't been feeling full or even satisfied tbh.
    Today so far I have had:
    2 egg omlette with chopped toms
    2x bananas
    homemade vegetable soup with wm bread hexb
    Mixed vegetables and chickpeas in fajita spice with rice
    Ff yoghurt
    Mini kinder chocolate bar
    3x coffees with milk hexa
    2 pints SF squash

    And I don't even feel full. I know im going to go to bed with a rumbly tum again. Anyone any ideas on snacks/meals that will keep me fuller longer? I think I could include more protein but im a bit of a meat dodger :/
    My portion sizes aren't shy so I dont think this is it, and its not totm which is usually to blame!
    Any help much appreciated as always :)
    Rosie x
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  3. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    If you are not having any meat at all would you not be doing a green day and due an extra healthy b and a? or You could try maybe having beans with your omlette as they are high in protein.
  4. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    If you don't eat meat why don't you try some pulses? They're high in protein so should keep you fuller for longer :)
  5. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Yeah I'd say you are lacking in protein which is why you are getting hungry. Either eat more beans, lentils and pulses, add in some quorn or eat meat if you're able.
  6. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    I would agree with the not enough protein, also with the fact that the food you posted would be a green day. Perhaps you could do a few "officiall" green days, which would mean you could have another hex a and hex b?
  7. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Thanks for all the advice!
    I didn't realise I was inadvertently having a green day- I thought there was more to it that an extra hex and no/synned meat.
    I can and do eat meat just not very often, its so expensive to buy the high welfare stuff so i tend to have it as a treat now n again.
    Pulses are a great idea, they would go in my soup really well :)
    I used to have beans in my omlette but then wasn't getting 1/3 sf- maybe ill have both this morning haha.
    Thanks everyone xx
  8. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    It looks like a lovely healthy day, but I'd definitely agree with making it a Green day and adding in the extra HE's and also a little more protein to keep you fuller for longer.

    It could also be that you're maybe craving something, you try to replace it with 'free' food, but that doesn't satisfying the craving, so you never feel full. If this could be the case then maybe you could use some syns to have a little bit of what you fancy, satisfy the craving, and see if that helps. x
  9. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I tend to get those hungry days sometimes too, usually a few days before ovulation...

    Yes I agree with adding the extra hexes for green - I started off doing vegetarian extra easy and felt quite weak until I had the extra hexes. The eggs and chickpeas are both protein and you've had lots of veg, so I'd say the extra fibre/dairy in the hexes might be the thing that helps.

    But sometimes there are just those days when nothing does the trick and then I just have to remind myself that even if I do eat, I'll probably still feel hungry!
  10. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    have you tried the mushy pea curry? I was so full after eating this x
  11. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Gold Member

    Rosie, apart from agreeing with other posts I'd just like to say that with the intake you've listed it doesn't look as though you're having your full allowance of milk - unless you use blue milk. Surely 3 cups of coffee & an omelette doesn't add up to much?
  12. shazza1981

    shazza1981 Member

    from what i eat i know that soup and bread for lunch would not fill me in the slightest - i'd probably still have a chicken salad or something with it. defo lacking in protein though. but thats just me. i also have about 2-3 mullerlights a day, lol x
  13. hastalavegan

    hastalavegan Silver Member

    I don't think you're lacking protein at all. Eggs, yoghurt and chickpeas are protein! I don't think that's a huge amount of food to be honest, soup doesn't ever fill me up for lunch. I usually have it alongside something else. If youre hungry you can always eat more :)
  14. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi all
    I think it was just a phase! I didn't have any craving I was desperate for- had fish n chips on fri which I had been looking forward to all week but I knew it would come eventually!
    I'll watch out for unplanned green days and have extra hexs, thank you :)
    i have skimmed milk and probably don't have my full allowance but don't really like milk! I often snack on a light cheese triangle so i daresay it equates to hexa....
    My soup tends to stuff me at the time then wear off!! Im hoping the addition of pulses will help with this?!
    I cannot get my head into this mushy pea curry- I've read the recipe and just can't turn it into curry in my head- is it nice??
    Yet again had a terrible weekend n haven't even started my Easter egg lol. To the gym i go!
    Rosie x
  15. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Hi Rosiepops, I have days when I just don't feel full too, i don't know why....maybe to do with hormones/period etc! I tend to try and make myself drink more when this happens as this helps to make me feel a bit fuller. Enjoy your easter egg, I'm sure everything will level out next week and you will continue with your weight losses just fine..good luck xx
  16. nettybungles

    nettybungles Full Member

    more protein

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