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Not feeling so well this morning :-(

Last night we went to a comedy club with friends, I started to feel really nauseous (sp?) and of the pint of water I got, I only managed a few sips. Really thought I was going to be sick.

Then this morning I woke up early with stomach cramps, feeling sick and had to dash to the loo for a no.2. Still feel really sick. I had my shake and it made me feel sick - had to dash to the loo again. I know I should drink some water but I almost can't stomach it.

Add to this, I am now 4 days late and still feel like my totm is about to arrive, I feel rubbish.

I wonder if its the heat?! I am on day 33 and had a stomach issue last weekend which I put down to a bug. I've been fine all week this week.

I have to leave soon for a 2 day course - fortunatly not too far from home and I don't have to stay away but I am concerned I am going to spend most of it in the loo in one way or another.

I might take immodium with me but I don't want to take it as don't want to end up with bad constipation :(

I am feeling a bit fed up :cry:- I've only got another 8 days SS/SS+ until I go on my holiday so don't want to give up now. I really wish I could stay in bed.

Anyone else had this?
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i don't have anything to suggest however am sending you lots of hugs and hoping u feel better soon.

maybe call your CDC? just may suggest something. have you ever had the fibre powder? maybe that would help...
I had something like that recently and I thought it may be period pains (though I have never suffered from this), it required lots of rest, warm baths and painkillers. Not nice


please try again
erm also had something like this recently. still feeling sick the vast majority of the day but the vomiting/runny stomach has stopped now thankfully
I had this when I was PG ... could you be?

Thanks for your sympathy girls!! I've been feeling better. Was starving by lunch time and again by my evening shake. Funny you should mention potential PG but if you see my earlier post being excited, I am beggining to wonder if I might be.

I'm now on day 33, my first period on cd was due 4 days ago. Didn't turn up yet.I've felt premenstrual for days. I've spent the last few weeks being exhausted bit thought it was the diet until everyone else said they felt energised. Also the last few evenings near bedtime I have complained of feeling sick.

I did have breast pain in one boob and thought it was a lump but turned out to be nothing. No pain at the moment. I am going to test tomorrow morning but don't want to get my hopes up!

I really want to be pregnant but also want to loose more weight so not end of world if it's negative.just sad the diet plays with your body so much....

Also did a test last weekend, was negative and then spent ages being over emotional. Got insanely jealous too. Hmmm.

Don't really know what other early symptoms are.
:fingerscrossed: for BFP!! Sounds like it could well be! :D



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are you ok to be carrying on having CD (if you are SS) if you are pregnant?
are you ok to be carrying on having CD (if you are SS) if you are pregnant?
I wouldn`t have thought so personally as it`s so few calories x


please try again
you cant be on any of the cambridge plans if pregnant but she said her last test was negative so until she gets a positive test shes fine to continue


please try again
let us know if you get the BFP on your next test hun!

only 2 weeks since my last TOTM but im struggling with vomiting and nausea at the mo, am also very dizzy about 50% of the day and could sleep on a washing line right now, lol
still thinking theres possibly a bug going around or those odd smelling shakes are still affecting me
I got a BFN so no celebrating but can chronic losing weight so that's good! Just now wishing my totm would turn up so I know my body is doing fine!
Don`t forget, You can get a false negative ;) I didn`t test positive with my 2nd son until I was 4 months pg! I kept being told it was my Thyroid!! x
'It aint over till the fat lady sings' honey. Am keeping everything crossed its a BFP ...and if its not then dust yourself off and carry on knowing that you will be a slim thing in no time and thats much better for you when you are PG.

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