not feeling to well


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Im on my 3rd week of LL. I just feel really sick and very down. Im not able to get in the 8 pints of water that I had been managing and the thought of the packs make me feel so sick. Im stuggling to get all 4 down. All I want is to hide away in bed with some toast, just something solid.
Really dont want to give in to this but felt like this since wednesday. Any advice?
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Hi - sorry you have hit a low point. :( But don't give up - it will pass!

Just channel all your energy into focusing on why you chose to do LL in the first place.....remind yourself that yes - it IS difficult at times, and yes - there will be low points. BUt balance that with positive thoughts - wait, scratch that - OVERRIDE those feelings with positive thoughts....and focus on what you are acheiving. What you have dreamt of doing, is now acheivable and within your grasp. Make a list of the pros and cons of continuing or quitting. I know which list will be longer and more inspirational. ;)

Remind yourself you are choosing to do this to give you a happier life. Remind yourself, and this is where a lot of us get stuck - that this is ONLY temporary. A short and very small sacrifice - for happiness.

Remind yourself too, that the packs are nutrition only really. They are not meant to be tasty delicious meals, etc., and that they are a means to an important end. Its hard if the thought makes you queesy, but that is more likely a pshychological reactionj to your having doubts about continuing - if you convince yourself they make you ill, its a justifiable excuse to start eating again in some minds. Maybe?

CHin up honey - you can do this - you have gotten through three weeks! I bet on your first day you were afraid you could not go 3 hours, and look what you have achieved! Its a great start - and with your head in the right place, the time will go so fast.

Tomorrow will look brighter. Pamper yourself today, and do this for the love of yourself. You can do it. Have a nice tall glass of cool water while you ponder it. Then that is one pint gone. ;)

Hang in there. And remember you are not alone doing this - we're all behind you.



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I know it's hard when you don't feel well. Keep drinking plenty of allowable fluids and try to have all your daily packs. If it doesn't pass then contact your LLC and your GP.
Hope you feel well soon.....chin up hun!


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Awww bless you... if it is any consolation - 90% of the women in my group felt lousy in week 3... and it DOES pass.. just hang in there my love xx