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not for mens ears

When I have my monthly friend my tummy bloats up and I look 4 months pregnant and I always put on at least 1lb. Not fair! My consultant always said I will lose it the week after plus more but I haven't done so far! However, my periods have only returned in the last three since having my baby and am bf'ing.
Anyhow! I always threaten not to go but am always glad I have because I've learned something or had a good chat with my slimming buddies who I only see at class.
My adivce is go! You never know til you step on the scales ;-) and if you have gained at least you know what it is :)
Definately go to class hun, you will be just fine and you may get a surprise with a sts or loss. Be positive. Good luck x


Bring it on!
You should go as then you can see if there's a pattern and your consultant will be expecting it and so will you so you won't be surprised/disappointed next time :)
Go go go!!! It happens to us all and theres no avoiding it.. what ever those scales say it is what it is, and whether you go or not.. it will still be. better to know.. and maybe even be pleasently suprised. This is a test for yourself.. we'v all contemplated not going, but if you go.. you know your in this fro the long run, its a a life change.. and to be a life change, you have to keep on top of your weight, which means getting on those scales unfortunatly!.. don't worry about the result, just weigh and get on home to some cosey jammies and your sofa :) with a sw friendly stodgy warm meal :) x
You must go definately! Don't shy away from the scales just cos you THINK they might not show what you want to see. You know the reason this week but you may be pleasently suprised. GO GO GO!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I echo the above! GO. If you don't you will wander off the path and think "just this won't hurt as I've got plenty of time to get it off" WRONG! It's a slippery slope! Go to class , you may be surprised (I was cos my scales said I hadn't lost but I had) and then you'll have a fab weightloss next week, (and you can come back on here and tell us we were all right!)

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