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Not giving CD credit where it's due?

Sorry, stupid title but I couldn't think of a better way to word it!.

I've been on this diet nearly 13 weeks, and have lost over 3 stone. I'm getting loads of comments from people who know me, and even from other mum's at school who don't know me - all congratulating me on my weight loss, and asking my secret.

Now, the thing is, no-one know's I'm doing CD. And to be honest, I don't WANT anyone knowing.

So when they ask me how I've lost the weight so quickly, I lie:eek:

I say I started before Christmas(started early Feb), so they think I've been dieting longer.

I blame my 'sudden' loss on the fact I've been bundled up in jumpers for months, and have suddenly started wearing my tightr summer things.

I tell them I did it by diet and exercise.

So basically I'm not giving credit to CD for my weight loss, and I feel guilty. Which is absurd!, but I do.

I feel I should be shouting about CD from the rooftops, but don't actually want people to think I was so desperate to lose the weight that I resorted to a 'last resort' diet.

But then I feel indignant, and think that actually I HAVE lost the weight myself. My willpower and effort have stopped me eating the wrong stuff, and keep on with the diet, even though at times I've really felt like giving up.

So which feeling is right (if either can be considered 'right' or 'wrong').

Sorry, bit of a heavy subject, but I felt I needed to get it down, and see what others felt.

Having read this back I'm still not sure what I should do in future if people ask, but, I'm stuck between not wanting people to know, and not lying to them either:rolleyes:

The joy of having a conscience, eh;)
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I've told my family, thats it! I will tell other people eventually but I just dont want the diapproving comments / looks when I am finished though I will be an advocate for the diet to anyone who will listen :)
To be honest i think we're all petrified of the whole "it will go straight back on" mentality. It scares the living daylights out of me.

I see where you are coming from, and in all honesty it's your body and your life. Don't feel bad, you'll probably be more comfortable telling people as time goes by as you'll be more confident in keeping the weight off.

Well done on your brilliant loss so far! xxx

I can see what you mean about keeping it quiet until the end.

TBH so far everyone who has asked has been just curious and not actually in need of Dietary advice! I think had it been someone who was asking as they wanted to 'really' know how I lost weight so that they could too, I'd be much more keen to tell them.
I guess I do it on a case by case basis and try to keep low key;)


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I think you just have to do what seems right to you. I'm not telling anybody in the beginning cause I just dont want to hear the negative comment I know people will make. When I start to lose weight and feel more confident about it I wont mind so much.



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But look at it this way. You're doing the work. It's you thats not eating, finding the willpower, doing the diet, losing the weight. Just you.

All Cambridge has done is sold you the packs to help.

An artist enjoys the compliments for a job well done. No need to go into the fact that they might have used the best quality materials ;)

So if anyone asks, then you are using willpower. You are following a healthy diet and making sure you get all your vits and minerals;)

When you feel ready, you can name the tool you used, but it's totally up to you when you feel the time is right. Don't feel guilty about it. You are doing the work.
Thanks all,

It's silly the things that stick in your mind sometimes, isn't it.

I guess I'm just enjoying the fruits of my weight loss, and don't want the 'negative' comments when people know how I've lost the weight.

I''ve been invited to a dinner dance next weekend and have just bought a slinky black dress in a size 14!!!!:D At Christmas I wore a size 20 dress that ws too tight around the middle, and made me feel fat and self concious. Today I spent 10 minutes in M & S deciding on whether I could get away with seamed fishnet tights or not;):D!

Yay for CD (even if I do say it quietly:p)


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Well done you.

Definately go for the fishnets but dont wear open toed shoes that is a pet hate of mine!

Im starting tomorrow and not telling anyone (well apart from my bf but I have to tell him lol otherwise he'll think ive gone anorexic lol), Im not telling anyone because I don’t want the to put to much pressure on me to fail and I don’t want them to think ive failed if when I finish I put half a stone on because I re-introduced food. I think it swings in roundabouts it depends on who you are obviously if anyone is really keen to know I will tell them all about it.
I'm with you there Jacsprat!

I have an old pair of killer black heels - high, pointy, and useless for walking in:D But I'll probably wear those.

Even worse than fshnets is 'flesh' coloured tights with open toed shoes *Shudder*:D
WOW! You have done so FANTASTIC! Your numbers are AMAZING! Way2GO!


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Well done dionsaur. I've had loads of people at work ask me how I've lost the weight and I willingly tell them. Strangly I've even had one of the managers ask me so that his wife and daughter can do it. They have started and are doing really well. I've had one of the blokes here ask me to send him the CD website because he wants to do it as well.


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Hi Dinosaur,
Like you I haven't told anyone about CD and it's now getting to the point that people are starting to notice.
I think it's a personal decision as to whether you decide to tell people about CD. It's just so sad that you are made to feel guilty about the way you've lost weight. As was previously said, it has been your VERY hard work that has got you were you are now. You have got sooo much to be proud of. :D


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I didn't tell anyone except my husband and immediate family I was doing CD until people started to notice I was losing weight (which wasn't until after I'd lost about 3 stone), and then I had no problem telling anyone who wanted to know.

It wasn't that I was embarrassed about doing CD, I just didn't think in the early stages that it was anyone else's business that I was either a) on a diet, or b) what method I was using to lose weight.

If anyone wanted to know what it was, I'd just say I was on a healthy meal replacement program - which is exactly what it is.

As KD said, your success on CD is down to your own willpower so well done on your success so far!

Oddly enough, this has been the ONLY diet I've ever been on where I've actually managed to keep the weight off after getting to my target almost 17 months ago now (and, yes, I'd tried them all before I tried CD as a 'last resort' too :rolleyes:).

It doesn't matter which diet you use to lose weight, only one thing is guaranteed and that is if you go back to the way you used to eat before you lost weight you WILL put it all back on again. That's just a matter of willpower as well :)

Good luck with the rest of your journey to Slimsville and enjoy wearing that slinky dress!


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Im always suprised how many seccret CDers there are out there - I am one myself and alway thought it was just me! I dont tell anybody (sept Mam and Hubby2B) just because I would get a better reaction if I told them I was living oncrack and fags!! If I'd saw one more disaproving look I would have breathed my K-Zone breath all over them! "There! How healthy is THAT"

However WHEN i am in the 11's (3st to go) I will gladly tell them how.

If your concience strings are tugging just thisnk of it this was - if you had just been the doctors for a "private matter" and someone asked where you had been you would lie (or bend the truth) or if your having a terrible day and someone asks how you are...you lie!!

Some lies are needed (and aloud)


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My husband knows and a couple of close friends who are really supportive but that's it. My mum disapproves but more like jealousy because she has no willpower what so ever andfeels if she should be fat I should be the same.

With a lot of people they just don't understand and if they were in the same situation they probably wouldn't do as well as you. Keep up the good work!


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ok, i hold my hands up...

im a closet case too.

i should be starting this monday, and iv already thought of excuses to tell people at work as to why im not eating solid foods. "luckily" i have problems with IBS etc, so i can blame it for a while on that.

iv had to tell my boyfriend. i live with him after all, and il be damned if im gonna sneak into the bathroom 3 times a day to have a quickie shake! lol but as i warned him, that he wouldnt approve of the diet... he doesnt one bit!

oh well. its my body. its only a short amount of time in comparison to a lifetime of misery.


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thank god I'm not the only one :) only close friends of mine know and i've said not to say anything - not that i'm ashamed of CD i just dont want everyone knowing my business - this is only my 1st week so nothing noticable yet.
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I kept quiet for the first two weeks, but now, I'm so pleased with myself I tell people. Normally when they ask, I smile and say I don't eat and then tell them it's CD.

I know my reasons to keep to quiet initially, I wanted to prove I could keep to the diet before i told people.

Now as I say, I'm pround, this is the first time in my life, 46years, I have ever managed to loose more than 2 stones.

And to all those, who say I should be losing it slowly, one pound a week. I rather get down to a healthy weight in a few months, then look at keeping down than taking two years and never getting there in the first place.


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Only my husband and kids know I'm do CD. I dont want people trying to put me off with 'it's dangerous' or 'you'll put it back on quicker'. I've got the willpower right now, I'm not having someone ruin it for me.

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