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Not going to group


One last chance
My mum has been complaining about spending money at group. So I will now be going at it, on my own, literaly. No help from any of my family I am literally all alone in this, which adds to how hard it already is.

Is there anyone else here who is doing ww on their own? what are your experiences?
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One last chance
Really?! LOL wow, cool :)
Hello hun :)
I have gone it alone from start,I have 3 daughters and I have no support from anyone just the lovelies here :)
I started ww this time 1st March and have done everyday 100% Ive lost 3 stone 1.5lbs and now go to exercise class 3-4 times a week,I have 4.5 stones left to go.Meeting for some are essential but when moneys tight its as good to go it alone.Everyone here is a blessing theres so much support and you can do it,imagion how proud you'll feel christmas morning wearing a slinky outfit ;) xxx Cherry
hi yasmine, I did go to class a few years ago but since I have restarted WW last month and now have a mortgage to pay I have been going it alone. I got all the relevant bits and pieces off of ebay and so far have lost 11.5 pounds and 10.5 inches! There is loads of support and advice on here so prefer speaking to people on here than go to group meetings!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x
Totally agree with all the above and if youre on here ... youre not alone. Make your weigh in day official in your head and stick to it, Im putting the class money in a jar every week on wi day toward my christmas out fit and then any time I want to talk or get ideas or moan I feel able to with all these fab members on here. Best of luck with your journey hun x
Going it alone myself at home too - WW costs €10 over here a week and it all adds up at the end of the day. There is loads of support and advice online here at minimins. It's better than the class. Good Luck my dear.:)
think im heading down this road, its alot of money even more so because i take the little one so its a drink and magazine to keep him quiet while im there, im also back at uni in 3 weeks so cant make the 10oclock class. This means i would have to tell hubby in order to go to the night class not sure if i want to tell him yet either


One last chance
Aww brilliant! That's good to hear. I'm just worried about the lack of help with the family because I have no support in my weight loss journey. They dont make any effort to help at all :/
I'm doing it alone, i buy my own food and sort out own plans etc my family know i'm doing ww but they still buy cakes and crisps and chocolate etc which they know i can't eat and will be tempted by, you just have to stay strong and keep at it! :) do it for yourself hun xx
I'm going it alone. I've been to classes in the past and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to stick to it on my own. I know I've only been doing it a few weeks, but finding MiniMins has really helped a lot in keeping me motivated. I think it's a good idea to save the money you would have spent on classes and then treat yourself. Good luck for your weight loss. :)
Sorry to hear about your lack of family support :hug99: - I did the first 3 weeks on my own, but have been going to meetings for the last two weeks (mainly because I got a free voucher & also had vouchers to buy the cookbooks, etc.) Anyway I am only thinking of sticking with the meeetings to get all the info & then may go back to doing it alone as I'm getting the hang of how it works & I get loads of support & motivation from everyone here at minimins - they are much more friendly than anyone at my meeting :) Good Luck x


One last chance
Thanks guys, much appreciated. Glad I've got your support, and it's great to hear that it's possibloe on your own. I'll be sure to check in more on here. Good luck everyone!
Hi I have no support except here but do you know what that's great as it spurs us on to show em we can do this for us and be proud :)

Sometimes people closest to us are scared if change or they see us do this time and time again so give up 'helping' but honestly you can do this alone you have us xx

I am also going it alone, I got no suport from husband as he thinks I will give up after a week, because lots of times I have started a diet and then given up or not followed it correctly, But I am determined I will do weight watchers right and prove him wrong,

Julia x x


One last chance
That's very true girls, my family think that I won't do it. But my parents don't even think I'm overweight, they beleive that I am actually slim. But that's only because I'm the only one in my family with a flat stomache so I appear slimmer, plus I'm the tallest out of my sisters. It's irratating, I just wish they would understand how depressed I am when large.

It would be great to prove them wrong, gives me such a cheesy grin across my face LOL.

Good luck girls xxx

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