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not good


i love minimins me :)
I am putting this here, so that if i ever say i cant do it can someone plse point me back to this thread

here is the page from my diary from yesterday

It is my cousins wedding today, i had to buy a size 20 dress I am sooo annoyed at myself for gettin to this size, anyways the wedding ceromoney was fab and my cousins dress was amazing, even tho she is 7 months pregnant!!! after we had to have all the photos taken, so i tried to hide behind people because of my size :( I thought no one would notice but then people kept moving me to the front and I got upset bout it. After we went for the afternoon party and i felt sooo self conscious the whole time, next to all the pretty and thin girls and me in my 'tent'. Supposed to be at home getting changed for the night time now, but everything i try on either dosent fit or looks awful, i got annoyed at myself, cos i only have myself to blame but then i got really upset and started crying, I have rang my mam and told her i have been sick and have a bad head so i cant go tonight now, she is going mental with me for ruining everyones night, but i know if i go i will just be sat feeling awful and self conscious i wont have a good time and will end up spoiling everyone elses time so am staying at home now, all because am fat and greedy

i am soooo annoyed and upset with myself, but i start cd today :) so things WILL change

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Oh sweetheart believe me a size 20 is not that big - but I know its what you feel! now you have started you will not look back good luck with your weight lose and keep smiling I bet you looked fab !


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I am putting this here, so that if i ever say i cant do it can someone plse point me back to this thread

i am soooo annoyed and upset with myself, but i start cd today :) so things WILL change

Oh Yes We Will Remind You
Good Luck on your CD Journey into weight loss, dont forget i want a detailed account for when i start next week. lol

You will suceed you have all of us here to spur you on as you will spur others on.



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I had a size 20 bridesmaid dress for my brothers wedding.............it sucked. Ok....I lost a few stone and it had to get taken in..........label still said 20 though.:mad:

Come on you!!! HARDCORE!!!!!



i love minimins me :)
it upset me more, cos i am normally only a 16 and i knew i had put some weigh on since moving into halls without the constant naggin from my mam of what i ate, but i didnt think it would be a size 20 :(

i am so glad i am starting this today, cos last night if i hadnt known i was starting this i would havefelt even worse

thanks to everyone that has replied!!



somebody shrink me
That is just the kind of thing you need to make you stick to this diet hun!!

you know like an alcoholic has to get to rock bottom before they get help? well take that size 20 dress as 'rock bottom'. the only way is up, in confidence and down on those scales!!!

Make sure you keep the dress.... you'll feel AMAZING when it becomes a tent on you!! It can also act as a reminder every time you reach for the bikkie tin!!

Good luck hun xxx
Good Luck with your first day Stacey!

I'm restarting today too - I hope we can do it.

I hate shopping at the minute especially as were getting close to summer - I keep seeing all these skinny minnies waltzing around uni in thier little clothes and can't wait to join them!!

Heres to day one - good luck again xx


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Stacey - know how you feel as when I started was a size 20/22 and it is horrible. You are still young, and so pretty - so do yourself the favour and lose the weight so you can enjoy occasions like this and life in general.

Any help or support you need - come on here and SHOUT and someone will reply. I hate seeing people so unhappy about being overweight as I know how bad it can feel.

Looking forward to hearing about how well you do on CD and how much better you feel as the weight drops off.


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aww stacey i really agree with fiona. our weight gest su to the point when we think i cant carry on like this
its as if we reach rock bottom
the good thing about that is the only way is back up and with the help of all these wondeful people we will succeed

good luck hun we can do this together

Good luck hun. I know how it feels to be overweight, but at least you can do something about it, and you ARE! It won't take long to shift those pounds, and you will feel so much better. Think of all the new clothes you will be buying too!
Stacey I know exactly how you felt last night, I've so been there before. I was daft though and just carried on and on like that for nearly 20 years, there were countless occasions that I've missed or been to and wished I hadn't. You're the sensible one though because you're doing something about it and your life will be so different in such a short time - within months it'll be you who's wanting to be out all the time and who will be smiling the biggest smile in all those photos. Stay positive and you will so soon be feeling like the real you.

The good thing about this site is that we all can relate to what you are saying. When the pics are developed you will hate to see them but keep them as your starting pics and then watch the weight go down. You are on your way now and just keep reminding yourself the only way now is down
Irene xx
Hi Stacey - You can do it!
I used to feel like that at every family occasion, and so I'd hide it by being the one with the camera. After I lost the weight in the summer, you cldn't get me away from being in front of the lens!
Unfortunately, winter (comfirt food) came and brought with it 2 stones and 2 dress sizes :mad: , but the sun is here again, and we can battle the fat fiend once more.
Super skinny minis here we come!!!
Yvonne xx


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Hey Stacey, Good luck on the 1st day of your new skinny to be life..lol ;)


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Hi Stacey,

I can see where your coming from completely.. i'm a size 24 and i absolutely hate it there are so many times i've been invited to different things but refuse to go because of my size. I refuse to go to DH christmas do because i dont want his work friends to know he has a fat wife. I feel embarrassed for him. I hate the way clothes look on me and i'm a natural born shopper too :)D)

Just think of all the gorgeous clothes you'll have soon and you'll be out all the time so you can show them and your skinny self off :D

You can do it and i hope your day 1 goes really well for you.
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Hey hun- you CAN do this, you know you can! Your head is so in the right place, and once you have your blender and scales you'll be away!!

Heres to being half a stone lighter this time next week.... cos you will be!!! Imagine that eh? You'll be a skinny mini before you know it!