Not happy bunny today :(

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Hayley 22, 27 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    12 days in and ive been surprised bu sudden stomach rumbles.....

    Had my first shake at 7.30am and drunk 2 litres of water already but it wont stop rumbling :(

    Gutted, thought id gone past that, havent had it until today.

    Feel slightly irritable about it.
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  3. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Hayley i had that yesterday it's on my thread couldnt belive the loud noises lol.!

    I even had a cup of tea and water didnt go, drink plenty of hot drinks hun.! You may have to have an extra shake.!

    chat later.xx
  4. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Yes, I can sympathise. It is also very embarrassing and loud why rumbles start! I had quite sharp rumbles at one point.

    The good news is that it will pass. I did split my shakes and split them to try and keep my stomach at bay throughout the day. It worked, then I did go back to the 3 shakes.

    Might be worth trying for you too?

    Hugs x x x
  5. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    I really dont want to change my routine.... Im a stickler for them. I dont appreciate change either. Bit stubborn really :p

    Im going to stick to my 3 shakes and drink more water and get more green tea in me. Only an hour till i can have my next shake.
    Hopefully that will calm the noise.

    Thankfully i have my own office so not too bad when my tummy does rumble.

    Thank you ladies
  6. thinny2be

    thinny2be Full Member

    I get them too but fnd that hot drinks do the trick. I drink red bush tea and keep topping it up with hot water until it is almost clear then start again :)
  7. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    I have tried red bush tea but dont like it without milk.....
    Which is strange because i love green tea. I used to have green tea with mango infusions but had to stop that due to fruit being carbs :(

    I dont have a problem drinking 2.5 litres of water a day on top of my shakes and endless green teas lol.

    I think im calming down now... Thank you ladies.

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