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not HAPPY i have to re-feed

Hi guys,

Not been on for a few days. I have been really really poorly. My gall stones have flared up big time. and have been in an incredible amount of pain.

Doc had requested and urgent op to remove the gallbladder. He is also concerned as the pain is around my pancreas. so stones could have also gone in there too. which is not good.

I spoke to doc and pharmacist and both said re-feed until i have the op.

health is more important. just annoying its going to set me back on my weight loss a bit.

All this started last night...I started my new job this morning. Luckily on a heavy dose of pain killers.

Big worry now is i have to take time off A-for blood tests next week. B- For my op (fingers crossed it will be in half term)

OH the joys,

enough of my woes how is everyone else's day.
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Sorry to hear you are having a hard time of it Kelly!

Hopefully you will get it all sorted!

You have done very well with your weight loss!

Love Mini xxx
Sorry to hear that hun, I have experienced the pain of gallstones, and couldn't wait to have my gall bladder removed. Hopefully you will get your op appointment quickly x x
Oh hun poor you. You definitely need to put your health first get yourself sorted and you can come back on lipotrim wen your all better. Just try to remember wat you have learned on this and you wont gain too much. Good Luck with the new job and the operation. Lots goin on for you at the moment.


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Babes don't think it is going to set you back. You will not gain or lose anything if you just stay away from junk food and fast food.

I took 1 week then 2 weeks off on LT but as soon as I started I was back to where I stopped. The weight does not pile on so don't worry. Once your op is over and you feel better then you will start LT again. Trust me you will be fine.
Hi Kerry, sorry to hear of the pain you are suffering. Do you think your gall stones are due to the weight loss?? I just read that soemone that that was a side effect to tfr ?

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You have done so well to date. Just avoid all the rubish food and your weight will be fine. The pain of gall stones is supposed to be so dreadful. You must be in agony a lot of the time. Just get well, the diet can wait.


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Hi Kerry
I had suffered with terrible pain and the symptons sounded like gallstones. On LT though have had no trouble. Im just wondering why you have had an attack when on LT I didnt think you could as it is low in fat. I have heard gallstones are quite common with a VLCD and I was a bit concerned that if I carried on each rubbish I would do myself no favours at all. take care xx
hey hun, soz to hear your poorly, but you are right your health must come 1st, as long as you eat healthily you shouldnt jeapordise your weight too much,, good luck with your op hun and i hope your soon feeling better xx


Positivity is the key
Hi Kerry,
so sorry you are having a hard time, well done on the new job though. Hope the operation is scheduled soon and you are right, your health is most important. The diet will be there afterwards and once you are signed back fit you can get back onto it.
You have done fantastically well so far and can do so again. No worries.
Sorry to hear you've been suffering! Obviously, the best thing to do is look after your health, but I can understand why you're annoyed about it! Still, at least you'll have experience of what's in store when you re-feed at the end & you need to get this stuff sorted! Hope it all goes well & you're back to full health as soon as possible!

Hope the new job is going well :)


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