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Not happy :(

ahhh no hate it when that happens but its a loss not a gain and its in the right direction, there are a few factors that can make something like that happen eg time of the month etc. You may find that it comes off next week depending on how your body works. My mum tends to have tiny weight losses of a pound or less 3/4 weeks then that last week she will loose 5/6 pounds x


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1lb is a very respectable weight loss for a week. It's a couple of blocks of butter!
I think it's easy to have unrealistic expectations when you're desperate to lose and see people on TV losing masses in a week. But realistically 1-2lb is a very healthy weight loss that can be maintained over the long-term.


Slow but sure....
It's a weight loss however small, you will find that your body will adjust and you may get a bigger loss next week, well done.


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Hi Miss EmmaJane,

Take that pound put it with all the other pounds you have lost/will loose and think of this as a long distance run not a sprint. It dosent really matter how long it takes to get there as long as you get to your chosen destintion.


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That only lonely 1lb is 1lb closer to target, I can understand being disappointed, but it is better off than on! 1lb a week is nearly 4st a year! The safest, healthiest and best way is to lose 1-2lbs per week :)

Keep up the fabulous work!
Aw thank you everyone :) Its so nice to come on here and feel supported even when I was disappointed .. gets me right back on board and in the mind set to keep on at it - thanks! x


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When you up your exercise you will retain water in your muscles, it's only temporary! It will even itself out. Theres a good thread on the exercise bit by a personal trainer that explains it very well. In the meantime, get your tape measure out as you will be losing inches, the weight will catch up later as your metabolism increases.


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As the others have said, a pound is fab - squiddie is quite right, it's nearly 4 stone in a year. We expect so much when we lose weight, it didn't go on over night so we can't expect to lose it overnight.

Upping your exercise will not make it drop off super fast, it will not double your weight loss. My consultant told us it will account for about an extra stone a year which is only a pound a month (or therabouts) so 1/4 lb a week. Exercise will tone you up and make you feel better but don't expect miracles from it on the weight loss front.

A pound is great, it's the SW "perfect pound" - keep losing them!

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