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  1. Em..x

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    Weight Watchers
    Ive been on weight watchers for 2 weeks now. Eaten all my points and have only been eating WW foods..I weighed myself this morning and am still the same weight I was when I started!!! :( :confused:! Has anyone else had this?!
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  3. Less Rotund One

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    Hi there - and sorry to hear that you have not lost - it must be really disappointing.

    Some people do have that - and the weight will eventually drop.

    Just be careful about eating too many ready meals though as they are not as nutritious generally -so that might be hindering you.

    Are you drinking enough water?
  4. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Are you going to class? Are you sure you sure you are on the right amount of points for your age and weight?

    If you want to post up what you're eating we could see if anything springs to mind. Rosie is right about the water x
  5. Em..x

    Em..x Member

    Weight Watchers
    No im not going to a class im doing it at home with my mum (shes been on it 6days and lost 7lbs! soo jealous) yea im pretty sure I am. Is it really important to drink water then? I find it really hard as im not keen on it..will adding no added sugar squash have the same effect? xx
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    cd started 19/1 09 now ww started 1/4/09
    2 litres of water a day will boost your weight loss by 50%, so yeah go for the water, if you use 0.5 litres bottles thats 4 a day, one at brekkie one at lunch one at tea and one with a snack... try it its not that much really.....
    good luck it will come off
  7. Em..x

    Em..x Member

    Weight Watchers
    thanks guys. will start that 2moro and shall let u kno :) xxx
  8. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    Ive never found drinking water makes ANY difference to my weight loss, and certainly not as much as 50% - I can only wish!!!

    But you should drink a couple of litres of fluid a day, doesnt have to be water. If sugar free squash is easier to take, then take it :)
  9. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    I find drinking water helps me too..(thats if ive been an angel with the food!)
    Also if your having alot of ready meals these can be quite high in salt.

    Stick with it and im sure you will have a fab loss very soon...Good luck :eek:
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