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The body fluctuates its weight with the amount of water it holds, also you will find if you have a number 1 and a number 2 then this can makes the scales fall dramatically.

Therefore just stick to the principles of the diet and you cannot fail to lose in the medium term :)

stick to weighing yourself one a week at the same time, you will only end up torturing (sp?) yourself! As the guy above say's, the plan works, so relax!

Charls x


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Mine do this all the time but I'm addicted to getting weighed which is like a constant punishment. I have taken a new approach to it which is - 'yep is says that today but, I'm not having my official WI so it doesn't matter', I don't seem as affected by the results.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Sounds like you are doing ok. I ofter find that I get a dramatic drop on the scales on WI day
me too taz - i hover and fluctuate all week. i sometime put on up until day before weigh-in then it drops on weigh-in day!

if it goes up too much, then i go on success express for a few days :)


Is so very nearly there!
Good luck hun! I cant stay off all week! I try tho! x


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thats a really good idea... theres one in my town near me i can walk down there in the week!! thanks for the idea! :D

can anyone explain what image therapy i keep seeing it mentioned at meetings sounds like a big deal to keep the weight off??


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Nah not really, Image therapy is just the name of the weekly group meeting but it is just everyone discussing what they have done throughout the week
it stands for something IMAGE, inspiration motivation etc. i cant remember it all, i was under the impression when i started it was like where you had to discuss with everyone your image problems, nothing like that at all lol


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yeah i keep reading success storys and alot say 'i went to image therapy cause i knew it would help keep the weight off' etc so i thought it was important to help with weight

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