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Not happy!

You will always lose more in your first week than any other week, and weightloss does differ every week, people seem to then fall into 2 different catagories with losses;

a) a balance of weeks with high losses (3 or 4lbs or more) and weeks in between with lower losses (1 to 2lbs)

b) a steady, roughly-the-same loss each week

most people seem to fall into the "b" state, some manage to be an "a" for a few weeks but inevitably everyone has weeks where they get smaller losses - as you get closer to your goal you may find you get weeks where you stay the same, or lose only ounces.

2lbs isn't a bad loss at all - 10lbs in 2 weeks is an amazing loss!
And just think, if you lose 2lbs next week and 2lbs the week after, you have done your 1 stone in a month - brilliant!

and thats the way you have to look at it - the weightloss averages out over time; some weeks will be more, some less, but if you stick to it, you WILL lose the weight you want to - you can't not!
Thanks Pete, 10lb in 2 week does sound good, i would never lose that on other diets, i think because I see the great loss on other people that i expect the same. I think i'm getting gready! with this diet
I know the feeling, I was the same too, I had good losses all my first month, then another guy joined my group and lost in 2 weeks what I'd lost in the 5 by that point - it kinda put me out a bit!

But then I remembered, well, if I hadn't stuck with it and enjoyed my losses as they came, then I'd be that much heavier still and that much unhappier still.

It doesn't matter what others lose, or how quickly; what matters is that YOU are going to lose.

and you will :)
heck, you ARE! :D


I will be skinny again!!!
Brilliant advice pete (haha typed in beat first) lol!

Yep completley right it will all vary... Look at my losses.. Nothing consistant at all!!
Thanks for the boost. Your loss has been great, not far to go now. I need to lose about another 3 stone then i will be happy. I have realized how much food rules my life because i am not hungry but crave food especially after work. Mind over matter and i have got to say that this has been harder than when i gave up smoking so i am definately addicted to food.


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep, we all are in some way or an other..

It partly routine aswell...

Id wake up, have a snack, eat snacks, then lunch, more snacks, come home make like toast.. then have dinner then have something else later..

Its all about breaking that routine too chick xx
I just hope that when i have lost the weight i dont go back to the old routine, but thats down to me! constant battle. But it is true the feeling you get when you lose weight and feel on top of the world totally beats the taste of any food!!


I will be skinny again!!!

And thats whats good about this diet... Its got such limited flavours to cleanse the palate! so when you get off all of the healthy food will taste amazing and you wont want fatty foods :)
hi i lost 2 pound on my second week and i was gutted but when i added up what i had lost in 2 weeks i felt beter about my loss over all.
well done on the loss it will all balance out over the month
I just wanted to say again after seeing sazpom's post that losing 2 or 3lbs in a week is still an awesome and amazing loss!

what other diet would you be guaranteed lose that with?
Slimming World?
Weight Watchers?

Not likely!

I can completely relate to how you feel, believe me, to go from losing 20lbs+ in 4 weeks to losing just 11lbs (see my sig) was really disheartening, until about 2 days after where I just said to myself "hey, you know what, that makes 56lbs in only 12 weeks.... holy crap!!!!"

It all adds up, I know it may not feel like it now, but when you get closer to your goal you'll look back at your weeks' stats and wonder why you felt so dissapointed about them at the time! :)


My husband = My hero
Congratualtion on your fantastic 10lbs loss!!!

Think how tired you weould get carrying a 10lb bag of potatoes round all day in your hand...

and you have lost that!!!

stay positive chikkie everyones rooting for you!!



My husband = My hero
Also Pete - your losses are amazing!! you look like a completely different person! well done you x

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