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Not having a good day today


Trainee Human On Board
Todays been horrid. I couldn't face a shake for breakfast, so started with a tetra at lunch time.

Came home from work, and ended up sat in tears with a despairing husband trying to understand what was wrong. I just wanted food so badly, I literally had pizza in front of my eyes. I don't want to fail but now I'm really questionning if I can do this. I ended up eating when hubby went out, had about 10 cadbury fingers, 2 slices of bread and butter, and a few bites of leftover pasta in tomato sauce. So of course now I feel even worse.

I'm sick of failing. I want this so badly but I'm just a very weak person.

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OH hunny i think everyone has days like this but look how well you've done and after 5 days you lost a massive 11lbs!!! It is difficult and there are gonna be times when you want to pack it all in you ave not failed you've had 1 little blip and you're not weak youve gone a week without food...not many people can say they can do that!!!!

Big hugs hunny and hope you're feeling a little better soon....you CAN do this and have proved it by your fantastic weigh in result....best thing to do is draw a line under today...have a good cry and get back on the wagon. xxx
You are not a weak person, this diet is great but takes a will of iron at times. We are only human after all and we make mistakes. Learn from it, put it behind you and take it one day at a time. You have had a marvellous loss so far and you will do again.



Trainee Human On Board
Problem is I'm not a strong person. I've always lived in a binge-starve cycle. I push myself very hard and fall apart when I don't meet the ridiculously high targets I set myself. I want to get on the scales tomorrow but if I do I will see a gain from today and then it will all just go downhill.


Trainee Human On Board
I just really really don't want to fail. The only person that knows I'm doing this is my husband and I know that deep inside he's just waiting for me to fail. Sorry I'm very very low tonight and can't stop crying.
Hey Shel, where has that motivation gone to - you had bucketloads to spare just a couple of days ago.

Go to bed now and draw a line under today. You can do this as long as you get straight back on the wagon tomorrow. dont do what I have done and let one slip ruin your diet. I am still struggling to get back on the wagon because I didnt take peoples advice and climb straight back on after my first slip up. I have wasted the whole of september by faffing about.

Get straight back on the plan in the morning and prove to yourself and your husband that you are strong enough to do this.
Awww Shelbell. Sending big hugs your way.

I know it makes you feel like cr*p when you slip on this diet but just listen to what the others have said: you're not alone, we all slip from time to time - you're HUMAN, you're normal.

You CAN do this but if you really, really can't face SSing (and let's face it, it's not for everyone) then couldn't you consider 790? It's far less rigorous and you might find it easier to stick to if you could have a little meal each day. Plus the losses are almost as good as on SS.

Think about it, discuss it with your CDC and then move forward. Drink plenty of water and STAY OFF THE SCALES - it'll only make things worse if you see a glycogen gain.

Give yourself a few days to get back onto an even keel.

Be kind to yourself - you're a special person :)


Trainee Human On Board
Thank you everyone. I feel much better this morning. I dipped and I'm still in moderate ketosis (I was in strong) so hopefully I haven't done much damage.

I think a lot of yesterday is cos I have to see the bariatric surgery co-ordinator this morning.


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Well saw the co-ordinator, after 6 months of seeing her she's finally sending me off to the psyche for the next level. After that I go before the board for approval!

I'd love to do this myself with CD before then, as surgery is a) risky and b) a life changing event, so if I can avoid it it's better for me. It's good to know I'm in the system though as it takes such a loooong time.

I am trying really hard to be more positive today. Going to make a muffin (made a choc one last night but it was blurgh) and drink some water.

Thanks for all your support, it helps a lot.
I almost gave in last night as i was craving the most random food (spinach and ricotta canneloni, and salmon with dill!) and i came so close to giving up. I had to force myself to go to bed with a pint of water, but ended up in tears cos i was so fed up.

Believe me, you arent alone with your negative thoughts, but maybe we can keep each other going?
Your weight loss so far is amazing! although you've had a teeny slip up you should be so proud of yourself xxx


Trainee Human On Board
Thanks blue. I do feel so much better today. I really wish I hadn't given in yesterday but I think that what I ate compared to what I wanted to eat was pretty good! I had a cheese crust 'perfect' pizza in front of my eyes with spinach, prawns and sweetcorn.

WI this week for me is Sunday, so I have plenty of time to pull my act together. I'd be happy with just 3lb this week to take it up to a stone. 4lb would put me in the 18's which would be great.

You did really well last night resisting temptation, well done!


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Am doing ok so far! Am about a litre and a half of water down, had a bananananana muffin for breakfast which was ok and a choc tetra for lunch so will prob have a shake when i get home around 7.30pm tonight or something.
Good luck shelbel...

put it right behind you and move forward - just learn from the experience now - that way it becomes a positive.... stick with it - you are doing great!!!

boosh xxxxxxxxxxxx;)

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