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Not loosing


Fatty on her way to Fitty
First of all sorry for posting in more than 1 forum, just think it will get a more varied response

Hi I'm posting on behalf of my fiancé, he's trying to loose weight and not really being very successful, he's consuming around 1500 calories a day give or take 100 and having 1 cheat day on a Saturday. He goes for a run/walk every night after work and his job is very active ( he works at Nissan ) and is basically doing heavy lifting and moving about around 8 hours a day if not more. He's been doing his diet for around 3 weeks and lost 1 stone in the first 2 and now he doesn't seem to be loosing much more. He was 17 stone and is now 16 but keeps fluctuating between just under 16 or just over.

Does anyone know why this could be? Its really getting to him as he's trying so hard.

Here is what he is eating most days.

Breakfast. Handful of Grapes, strawberries and 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk

Dinner. X2 chicken with extra light Mayo sandwiches (wholemeal bread)

Tea. Handful of grapes and strawberries, banana, 1 packet of crab sticks

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Back to basics
Have u been on my fitness pal or similiar to work out how many cal he should b having as sounds like he might b having to few x

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Fatty on her way to Fitty
I've told him to check it out but he doesn't seem interested lol he thinks what he's eating should be enough to loose weight. I'll set him a profile up I think. I suggested he change the crabsticks to a meal that was low in fat and lads of veg and maybe change diet cokes to water. Dunno if this will help? X

The intial fast weight loss (1 stone in 2 weeks IS fast) was probably water weight, now his body's burning actual fat... the only contructive crit I have is that it doesn't sound a very balanced diet, it's very high in fructose from the fruit which might be slowing his weighloss down. Could he swap some of that fruit out for a veg-based dish, or something? And is he actually eating just a handful of fruit - things like that are easy to over-eat on, they look and feel healthy and they're delicious so it's easy to have far more than you think you're having.

Sorry if that's not helpful, I'd recommend Stephen Gullo's books for advice that's palatable to men for losing weight, because most forums and magazines are very female-centred.
Hey :) Sounds like he's definaltey not eating enough! And yep changing diet coke to water would be a good idea, he needs to drink alot of water too, But if he thinks what he is doing is ok, and not interested in setting up mfp and doing it properly, then he isnt going to lose the weight unfortunatly, i did calorie counting without mfp and i wasnt doing it correctly, once i joined, it made a huge difference :) xx
You could pop on MFP and feed his stats in yourself to see what it says. He has an active job so will probably need more cals.

He also needs three proper meals a day. There are no vegetables and hardly any protein in what he's eating. With an active job like his, protein to protect his muscles from wasting and carbs for energy are essential.
A packet of crabsticks for his tea? I would suggest he looks at his diet again. He could be eating better than that and losing weight. For example you could eat grilled fish, quorn or chicken, or a veggi/lean mince chili with a small portion of rice or small potato and a massive salad for similar calories and it would be much more satisfying and nutritious than a packet of crabsticks. Also if his lunch is too high in calories there are lower calorie options, such as have a large salad with the chicken and a fat free dressing, or have just one sandwich. I would cut back on the fruit a bit and swap it for something else, the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are ok, not too much sugar, but bananas are high carb and so are grapes. Also, if he is awkward about using MFP I would feign disinterest and say well if you don't want to help yourself don't moan that you can't lose weight! The eauty of proper logging is that it really shows you how quickly your calories add up and displays your food with subtotals etc. so it's very easy to see where the problem areas are. He may be, like a great many dieters, eating more than he realises, for example bread products quickly add calories, a hundred for a slice of normal bread or thereabouts. Portion sizes is another thing he may want to look at, what couts as a normal serving size is usually very small, he may well be overestimating on some things because you read the packet and look how many calories 'per serving' but many people eat 2,3,4 or more times as much as one serving. I would also advise him to drink more water, I need to take my own advice here being a tea and coffee addict, but drinking water helps us metabolise fat apparently.
Good on him :) x
He does seem to be eating too little, particularly since he is exercising regularly. Too few calories can slow down weight loss, as many find to their surprise.

Good on him for making a great start! All the best x

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