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Not losing a POUND! ONLY inches

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Lil Miss Sunshine, 17 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    I can not get my head around this at all. I measure myself and I lost inches but putting on pounds. I know people will say its probably body muscle but not in my case as I have been lying down with broken leg the past few weeks? I seem to have put on a stone by the scales but by measuring tape lost inches? i am sick of this. You have to lose pounds so what the heck is goin on please :cry:

    I have been cal counting so surely to god i should be losing pounds at this stage, 3 months in
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  3. JackieN

    JackieN Well-Known Member

    If its any consolation the same has happened to me. Since beginning of January I have lost 13 inches yet my scales go up and down the same 2lb. Eventually it has to go ,and I console myself the inches make us go down in dress sizes so why do the lbs matter so much :D we don't carry the scales around to show people but people see our shape and size :D
  4. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    ah but its disheartening tho Jackie, cant keep going up in weight either. I have been lying down so its defo not muscle, if anything id be losing muscle from not walking with a broken leg. I was told to keep to low cal diet because of leg so i did. Then when the cast came off i got on the scales and i have put a stone on? Just keep at it anyways maybe it will all just fall off lmao :D
  5. JackieN

    JackieN Well-Known Member

    It is disheartening I agree but it has to come off doesn't it :D I have got used to it and just plod on. I've maintained since August but gone down in sizes :rolleyes: so i'll be fine when i've lost the weight and want to maintain :giggle:
  6. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    are you cal counting?
  7. JackieN

    JackieN Well-Known Member

    No I'm just listening to slimpods and walking. Still got lots to lose
  8. elm

    elm Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you're not over eating? Hey, some bodies do hold on if its not getting enough that it needs. Make sure you're drinking water a lot.

    Btw, I rather always lose inches then lbs because you and others can see results that way better. Just saying, in my opinion.
  9. elm

    elm Well-Known Member

  10. patchesmum

    patchesmum Well-Known Member

    I have a similar problem, have been dieting and exercising since Christmas and only lost 4/5 pounds, but stomach flatter and waist slimmer. My problem areas though are bottom and thighs, so starting LT tomorow as those areas need fat loss rather than just toning.
  11. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Well-Known Member

    Is your leg swollen lilmiss, you could have a lot of fluid retention after the fracture accounting for the gain?
  12. BigBurd

    BigBurd Well-Known Member

    Yeah I would put it down to physiological changes and healing. But this is why you have to be kinder to yourself when you are sick or injured and not get hung up about it until your body is well enough to do more. You are doing all you can.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery xx
  13. richwood

    richwood Member

    [​IMG]If its any consolation the same has happened to me.
  14. JackieN

    JackieN Well-Known Member

    actually I am so glad others have the same. People keep saying 'wow' how much have you lost now and I say 'none' its almost laughable really
  15. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    Thanks everyone for their replies.

    Elm, I will have a read of that link now in a min thanks a million. Elm, maybe thats where I am going wrong, I forget to drink water, i know that sounds stupid but I have to get back into the habit of drinking water again.

    My leg isnt swollen thank god but i am finding it hard to do exercise as im limping bad. Just want to get out walking normal again but this is going to take a few months until I am recovered.
  16. BigBurd

    BigBurd Well-Known Member

    you can always focus ur exercise on abs and arms and have a washboard stomache by the time your leg heals :)
  17. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    will do ;) working on my arms they are gigantic so doing arm exercies a lot

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