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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by midwife99, 17 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. midwife99

    midwife99 Member

    Starting sole source plus last saturday and don't seem to be losing any weight. No ketones according to urine stick but Ihave all the symptoms - cold, funny taste in mouth, had headaches but now gone. Any advice from all you successful amazing people? This is the first time I've ever done anything like this.

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  3. Dinosaur

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    Firstly well done on sticking with it for nearly a whole week! The worst is over, and it gets better from here on in:D

    Apparantly there are 2 types of ketones, and the sticks only pick up 1 of the types. You sound like you are in Ketosis, so I'd ignore the fact the sticks aren't showing it. TBH if you'd just drunk a lot of liquid (and when haven't you since you started:rolleyes:), then that will dilute things, and also later on in the day you test lower anyway. Think pg hormones on a test for example:p

    If you aren't hungry, are feeling cold, don't feel hungry and are feeling OK then I'm certain you are in Ketosis.

    Finally don't go by any weigh in until your set day. Weight loss can sneak up on us overnight, and there's no point stressing about what the scales will show on Saturday. Just know that if you stick to the diet there is no way you can't lose weight.

    Good luck!
  4. Yuna

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    I agree with Dinosaur,

    plus morning is the best time to check for Ketones.
    For me even if its pink in the morning then you check two or three hrs later it can be negative but definitely still in ketosis.
    Don't worry bout the sticks am sure you'll be delighted with WI.
  5. colufan

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    cambridge diet
    CDC didn't give me any sticks - so I just go on how I feel cold etc. Also I don't weigh myself until my weigh in once a week
  6. midwife99

    midwife99 Member

    Patience Patience!

    You're right - I must stop the urge to keep jumping on those scales. I do feel hungry in the evenings - ok until then and am very cold and get the shakes so something MUST be happening!
  7. sassey50kg

    sassey50kg determined to be thin!

    its v scarey thinkin that you might not be loosing weight, I know that feeling! But it will come off, logically you know that you will lose weight only drinking 400 odd cals a day. I bet any day now you will get a great treat when you step on the scales!
  8. midwife99

    midwife99 Member


    How much is mix-a-mousse and has it been useful for anyone?
  9. cillabatty

    cillabatty carol

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    I think mix a moose is £4 its been great for me, its like eating angel delight, you just mix it with the shakes. Try it with the tetra bricks they're great yum yum.
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