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Not Losing Weight

I've been on SW EE for nearly 9 weeks now and I am still fluctuating within the same weight bracket - I am either 12st 11, 12st 9 or 12st 7 and it's getting so frustrating. I am planning my meals weekly from the SW recipe books and using the left overs for lunch the next day. An example of a few days this week have been:


B: 2 Weetabix (b) with semi skimmed milk (a).
L: Jacket potato with chilli, side salad (tomato, cucumber and sweetcorn), small slice of sponge cake (syns unknown as I was on a training course)
D: SW recipe - lamb koftas with spicy rice
Syns: cake on training course, 2 finger kitkat 5 1/2


B: 2 Weetabix (b) with milk (a)
L: Left over last nights dinner, yoghurt, plum and 2 finger kitkat (5 1/2)
D: SW recipe - spinach and ricotta pasta with chicken (6 1/2 as already had HE b)


B: 28g cheerios 5 syns with milk (a)
L: Serano ham, pate and piquento (sp) peppers stuffed with ricotta cheese (syns unknown as buffet lunch out)
D: SW recipe - spicy pork steaks with dill couscous, green beans and carrots, 2 finger kitkat (5 1/2 syns)

I am also going to the gym 2-4 times a week, running 3-5k each time and sometimes also doing a 5k cycle and upper body weights.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I am following the recipes in the evening, eating until I am full and I'm never feeling hungry but something just isnt right.
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Hi, I think you're not eating enough free foods to balance out your syns if that makes sense, you need to make sure you eat quite a lot of free food to balance it out. Also if you have gone from no exercise to the amount you're doing it is likely to be fluid retention but this will only be for the first week or 2 that you change.
Are you writing down every last morsel that goes into your mouth? even if it's 1 crisp or 1 square of chocolate? all this adds up, other than that I dont really know what to suggest, start a daily food diary on here, write EVERYTHING down before it goes in your mouth (i'm not saying you don't) and people will help, it will also help you
The thing is I'm always full on the menu I've been eating, I couldn't possibly eat anymore food, some nights I'm not finishing my dinner because I'm full and I don't want to eat for the sake of it.

I didn't realise exercise caused fluid retention so hopefully that'll even out and I'll try to have a piece of fruit with breakfast. Maybe cook some extra veg with dinner and put less couscous, rice, pasta etc on my plate.
I know how frustrating it is when the pounds seem to go +1, -1, +1, -1 etc!

Just a couple of things: what are you drinking ? do you measure your milk accurately ?
to make sure you fill up on free fruit and veg each meal try putting that on your plate first to fill at least the 1/3rd plate and then also eat it first, then if you get full mid meal and stop eating your would be leaving the carbs and protein rather than the fruit and veg perhaps that would help? Good luck for your next weigh in - with all the exercise you are doing you must at least be becoming super fit xx
Drink wise it's water, sugar free squash and the occasional pepsi max or diet coke and tea (I syn the sugar if I'm out of sweetener).
Those drinks sound fine! Do you measure your milk out for the day and then use that for cups of tea ? Hope you dont mind me asking, just want to see if I can help!
Sometimes I do, it depends on if I'm rushing in the morning but I might start doing it the night before. It's hard for me because I love milk so much, I was a very milky baby lol.

Would having even a small amount of extra milk make that much of a difference then?
hi, you can have more than the allowance on milk it's just that anything over needs to be counted as syns - it's best to measure it out to keep track at least then you know when you've used your free amount and need to start counting the rest x

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