Not "new" to SW but ready to commit!!!!!


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Hello all :wave_cry:

Well Ive been in and out of SW this past 2 years, I had 7.5 ish stone to loose by Sept 2009 and managed 1.5 ( :mad: )by August, I went away to get married (abroad) then a 2 week honeymoon & then by half way through Nov 2009 I had put nearly ALL of it back on :cry:

I only knew I had put it all back on becuase I re-joined SW and was pretty upset/gobsmacked/annoyed at myself @ what I had done.

Since I rejoined I started "ok" loosing 1lb, then 2lb, then 1/2lb then I had 4 weeks of STS :eek: (still dont know why) then I put 4lb on Double :eek: (again I honestly after 4 weeks of STS gave up a little bit, lost hope as it were, but I didnt completely fall of the wagon, I just had sauces with meals, and didnt measure my milk not like Take Outs and bags of chocolate or anything, so I was expecting maybe 1-2lb I was devistated with 4lb) anyway instead of kicking me in to gear it sent me the other way....the kind of "well its not working anyway so im not gonna do it properly" way. I still go to class but I dont "do it" properly, well I didnt, then I got a burst of "I can do this" attitude, did a REALLY good week (no cheating under 10 syns daily etc) and STARTED exercise and I PUT ON 1LB!!! I nearly threw the bloody scales out the window ha ha. The Consultant said its prob a shock to the system starting exercise and should have a big loss the following week, last week I lost 2lb, not what I would call BIG but a loss is a loss!!! I think It was more a kick in the teeth as my friend who I go with has lost 1st 7lb and eats all packet crap (mostly jackets & savoury rice or Pasta sauce) where as I try to home cook all my meals, and she does no exercise and last week she lost 5.5lb...I was happy for her but so shocked as she showed me her diary she ate worse & did no exercise, how can this be!!!! Anyway again down hearted ive had a pretty average week, I think I will have STS or put on @ weigh in tomorrow cause I have not measured anything (milk wise) had 2 HEXB when Im supposed to be doing EE and had gravy a few nights etc but Ive decided this weekend to have a PROPER go at it, dig my heels in so to speak.

I'm 30 in Nov and that is my goal date, I have to do it by then, im fed up of being miserable. Were going away for it and I dont want another holiday where I cant enjoy it as much as I would like:cry:

Anyway Im giving up GREEN and EE as this is what ive been doing since I re-joined (I find them easier to follow/stick to working shifts) and sticking to Red as this is how I lost the little bit I did loose before. Ive joined the works gym, going swimming once a week and Im ready to give it my best shot...

WISH ME LUCK, I can feel lots of :cry:eek:ver the next 10 months :p

If you have go this far well done & thanks for reading :D
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I wish you luck.
From what I've read though, you need to stop beating yourself up and semi falling off the wagon when you "only" lose a pound or the 2lb isn't enough for you.
Don't compare yourself to your friend or anyone else - she may eat "packet crap" but it's free food and it works for her. I don't advocate packet food but sometimes I have it and I know people who live on it. Each to their own.

Measure all your HEX's, don't have extras. Syn all your synnable items. Write everything down. Don't expect exercise to boost your weight loss too much, it isn't going to fall off big time just because you exercise but it may help. It will not put weight on you (contrary to popular belief, muscle does not develop within a week or two).
Sticking to red may work for you but it may also restrict you, red and green will not make you gain or stop you losing unless you have an intolerance to carbs.
Do what is best for you but above all, be honest, and don't worry if it's only a pound, those little pounds all add up!!!


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Good luck! I'm 30 in November too and would love to be comfortable with myself by then!

Jaylou is right though, stop beating yourself up! You should google images of 1lb and see just how much it is!


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Well done for being really honest in your post :)

Im the same, last time i did SW i lose 1 stone in 5/6 months. I introduced a friend as she was unhappy and became a little disheartend when she'd eat fish and chips, indians, chinese (so not even free food) and then she'd STS! sometimes she'd even lose!

Its not that im competitive but it did annoy me lol.

This time round ive taken her with me again and the same thing is happening, but im okay with it. Im losing 1-2lbs a week and she's losing 3-4lb but i AM losing and its my journey as much as we are there for each other i know im being healthy.

Basically what im trying to say is keep your chin up, and remember it's YOUR journey.

Good luck



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S: 18st2lb C: 17st8.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st7.5lb(2.95%)
hi all, thank you for the welcome :bliss:

I guess I am putting to much pressure on myself to succeed so when I fail (which is always gonna happen in life) I feel so crap I just give up :mad: I just feel like I let myself down when I fail ggaahh then I let myself down even more cause I give up :rolleyes: thats logic for ya ha ha!

Anyway Im going to ease the pressure on myself and try not to be so.....I dunno stressed about it. Doing red days this week so will see how that goes, going to switch to green when Im on nights as it really is to difficult doing red on nights, with only a microwave to cook in, pasta sauce, savoury rice & jacket spuds all the way :D

I wasnt saying packet crap was bad, I eat the stuff alot when im working as like I say its so much easier, its just I kind of have it in my head "packet stuff is processed = Bad & home cooked fresh food is not = Good" altough thats wrong really I know, but cause of that I was kind of thinking whats the point in putting all this effort (and Money) in to all this fresh home cooked food (iv been learing to cook so its not natural to me ha ha) when the packet stuff is easy and you loose more weight on it, but I realise everyone is different, which is why she is loosing so well, not down to what she is eating. Also i want to say Im so happy my best mate has lost so much so far, im proud of her for how well she has done, im just annoyed at myself really if you know what I mean :eek:

Anyway I STS last night which is better than putting on, and like I said in my original post I expected it really so Im "ok" with it as I had prepaired for it, Im now on the ball though and hoping I can get through the week unscathed & manage a couple of lb loss on Monday!!

Thanks for reading :D


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S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st11lb(5.63%)
Well done for STS and glad your 'on the ball' its a really nice feeling after WI when you feel 100% in control of things :)

I definately know what you mean about the packet stuff - my friend doesnt like veg or salad and very few fruits so she lives on packets, and in your mind you think all the fruit and veg and vitamins in freshly cooked food is surely better than 7 variations of pasta n sauce lol.

Good luck for monday :) and here's to a 100% week and a deserved loss!



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You will get there x

Thank you, hope so!!

Had a good day today and been swimming as well so Im feeling good!!

Ive switched the day to EE as well, Im going to give EE one more week and see what happens this week.

I made the SW pancakes tonight and they were goregous, my little lad hasnt had them before (pancakes I mean) & he loved them...bonus!
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