Not obsessing about food


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I forgot how good it feels to not constantly be thinking about your next meal. With Exante and then the whole week I managed on WW I felt as though my entire life was spent counting the hours and minutes until my next meal time.

Today Im back on Atkins and it just occurred to me to check the time and Im not even hungry even though its almost lunchtime. Such a novelty, lol.
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enjoy :D


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It is a great feeling Jo. :)


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Thats why it rocks!


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Oh yes - totally with you on that Joanne! :)


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Now I wish I could say that lol, I am in the opposite camp in that I am constantly clock watching for my next meal, I might not be hungry (but most times I am) ketosis somehow does not take the hungries away from me :( but I know on Atkins I CAN eat when I need/want so that is ok too. :D


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That's what I love too, Bren. Hungry? Eat. Not? Don't. So works for me :)


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Hmm - i think im the opposite. Before i would just let DH do the cooking, eat when hungry (all the time!) and it showed. Now i am less hungry but always thinking up what yummy meals and treats i can be cooking :D

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I have to remember to eat! When im not dashing out to work, I can easily get to lunchtime and realise i've not had my breakfast, its a first for me!! x