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  1. Lara

    Lara Member

    and I can't find my original thread :confused:. Still not to worry.

    My counsellor started me on 3 packs and a meal as she said all her ladies do that. So that is what I have been doing and I am afraid after being away for a few days on holiday the photo's I have just looked at are awful :eek:! So I am going to start today with just the three packets as most of you seem to be doing :confused:.

    I make mine up as smoothies i.e added crushed ice and 700 ml of water. That way it makes sure I drink more water. Some of you may remember that I have a problem not drinking - just don't like any sort of drink :confused::sigh:. Strange I know but that's me.

    I started off at 15st 10 and am now at 15st and am 5'8". Just 10lbs loss over a period of 7/8 weeks??? I am not sure when I even started as I don't have a card and have only been measured once. I'll check it out when I go and get my 5 min weigh in next week :sigh:. I really wanted to have lost 2st by 23rd June but that is not going to happen I know. I'll try to keep in contact with this forum as you all know what you are doing and I need the help to get me on the right track instead of wasting my money and staying like a large balloon for the whole of the summer!
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  3. debz32

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    Hi Lara - welcome back !!

    and well done on your loss so far....FAB !! :D

    just a thought...if you're 5'8" you should be on FOUR packs per day.....ladies over 5'8" and all men need 4packs to ensure they're getting right nutrients etc....might be something you want to ask your CDC about.

    keep posting your journey - really interested to hear how you're doin !

    fingers crossed hun...


  4. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Well done on your weight loss so far lara!!

    I didn't start on just 3 drinks either - I went straight on to the 1000 plan! Hope SS works for you - although it's tough!! :)

    Everyone loses weight at different rates - important thing is to compare yourself only to you.. Dont worry whether everyone else loses half a pound a week or 4 pounds a week - they're not you and you'll lose weight how you lose it!!

    Keep going, you'll get there in the end!!


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