Not really enjoying 810 week

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  1. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I am a really fussy eater and I'm finding it hard. I had chicken yesterday and marinaded it in the greek yoghurt with curry powder. I hate all veggies, but decided that cauliflower mash was just about bearable. While the chicken was ok I can't say I enjoyed the mash, but I just about managed it.

    Today I had quorn. I mixed in the yoghurt and the cauliflower again so that I couldn't taste it quite so much. Again, I can't say I really enjoyed it. I've never liked vegetables-or much in the way of dairy, so the yoghurt is hard for me too. I'm only having that as I don't drink milk (don't have tea or coffee either to put it in). Chicken and quorn are the only things I like out of the whole list of things we can have. I wanted to try celeriac, but I can't get hold of any. Knowing me, I'll probably hate that too.

    I'm fed up with being so fussy, but I've been like that all my life. I've never liked vegetables or salad and it's never really bothered me before. I was quite looking forward to being able to eat something, but I can't say I'm enjoying it when there's nothing I like to eat.
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  3. wellandgood

    wellandgood Silver Member

    thats a hard one luv, but you will just have to keep experimenting until you find that one thing you do like!! try adding fresh herbs to your veg or have you tried the CD savoury boullion? you can also use the soups like a gravey(half pack ) to liven up the veg. good luck
  4. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    Yup-tried the bouillion yesterday with the cauliflower-nothing disguised the taste. I could even taste it through the quorn and curry powder and that's saying something. Thing is, with chicken there's just no hiding it. I'm not enjoying what I'm eating at all-I'm literally having to force it down, and it's not something I'll be wanting to eat when I'm finished.

    My stomach has definitely shrunk-that quorn is sooo filling. Don't think I could eat anywhere near the amount I used to eat without being sick!
  5. Lexie_dog


    what about Corgette? Peel it into ribbons and blanche in some stock. the add your chicken and maybe a bit of a pack to make like a courgette/chicken taglitelle?

    sorry spelling suddenly went downhill
  6. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    Nope, don't like that either! I know it sounds really weird, but I've never liked veg. It's not only the taste, but the smell and the texture. I absolutely detest veg and salads.
  7. Lexie_dog


    You are my husband in disguise.

    He doesn't like cucumber its too "green"
    onion sends him apoplectic
    Big mushrooms with the gills, like portobellos make him freak out, he wont touch them
    Peas - nope

    basically the only thing he will eat are tinned carrots (as the texture is okay), potatoes and sweetcorn.

    What about looking at tinned veg? The texture is much softer to try and ease your way in a little?

    What about grating veggies and cooking them down in the Quorn mince?
  8. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I thought I would 'hide' the cauliflower in my quorn by mashing it and stirring it in. There was such a lot of quorn I thought I wouldn't even notice it, but I could still taste it!

    Your husband is doing better than me if he'll at least eat tinned carrots and sweetcorn as I can't even stomach that! I'm the type of person who will pick the smallest bit of onion out of a ready meal because I don't like the texture of it. Stupid thing is I like the taste of onion, but I can't bear actually eating bits of it!
  9. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Aww really feel for you! Im doing my 810 week too just now and am at the other end of the spectrum, really enjoying it! Dont want to sound harsh, but SS might have helped to cleanse your palate? have you tried the veg you didnt like before? you might find it isn't that bad- God I hope that doesn't sound patronising-sorry if it does.Hope you find something you enjoy, I saw celariac the other day-its really ugly, but I've no idea what it tastes like!
  10. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    sparkles! I just can't comprehend not liking veggies! I love them all, can eat any type. That's half my problem, I just love all food!

    What about pickled cabbage??
  11. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I was hoping that I might have grown to like veg. After 12 weeks of SS I thought that perhaps I would just be glad to have anything to eat, but I'm not. I actually feel sick and bloated after eating all that quorn tonight and I honestly thought I'd be sick having to eat that cauliflower last night. Just the smell of it was almost enough to finish me off.

    I can honestly say I can't wait to go back to SS at the moment. I know I can manage that with no problems.
  12. badger1980

    badger1980 Full Member

    Its a tricky 1, my cdc says she has had clients not liking veg. Have you tried it raw?, she just gets them to chop it up, wash then munch quick.
    I'm completely the other end in that i'm really not fussy so will(and did for so long eat everything)
  13. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

    Can you manage it if you puree it with a blender so it is really smooth? You could do something really arty on the plate like the posh restaurants and make it look more appealling!!
  14. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    That's what I did with the cauliflower. To be honest I could barely stomach it with the chicken. Thought if I pureed it and mixed it with the quorn I wouldn't be able to taste it through all of that, but it was actually all I could taste. I still feel really sick and bloated this morning after eating all that.
  15. contrarytintagel

    contrarytintagel Full Member

    I feel your pain! I'm a veg hater too and dreading my 810 week. I'm hoping some fantastic cooks come up with some recipes to save you (and me too!) x
  16. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I really enjoyed my meal tonight. So I skipped the veg-sorry but I couldn't face that awful cauliflower again. I cooked my chicken in foil in the oven and used a chicken and mushroom soup to make 'stuffing' and gravy. It was heaven on a plate-I could have eaten it twice!
  17. Purplepixie

    Purplepixie Full Member

    ooo sounds yum. my 810 week is in just over a week, I am scared and excited at the same time
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