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Not showing any loss this week


nearly there!! :)
i always jump on my wii fit same time in the morning twice during the week. the first time i show a loss sec im up from what i was at the last meeting.
this happens every week, and ive not gained once in a meeting!!
think its just our bodies its self, try not be disheartened. i dont really look for accuracy just a laugh really!!
u will loose xx
AW, don't be discouraged hon. As above, there are somany reasons we fluctuate. Are you , erm, ya know....going alright? ;) When I get backed up I always see a 1-2 pound gain. Then once THAT sorts itself out, I catch right back up again.

Don't worry - wait till your weigh in and then let us know of your LOSS! :)

Don't panic. And put those scales away!!! :D :D

I have been really naughty and jumping on the scales too!!!! Mine show I haven't lost a bean this week and i am dreading weigh in tmrw as I really wanted to lose another few lbs. My mum is popping round in a bit and I am going to give her my scales as I find it quite a struggle to stay of them. I think they can be very demotivating! So mine are getting shown the door today!
well done emzski, I too am constantly on and off the scales, and have finally realised it doesnt matter what they say I always lose each week at LL, but I still can't make the break from my old friend


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I must admit on other diets i have been a compulsive weigher too! as soon as i started LL i got OH to put the scales on the top of the wardrobe right at the back so i could not see them or reach them even with a chair!


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Don't be too disheartened. I had a low loss last week, but I knew why and the scales at home reflected this too. I weighed yesterday morning, had a wee then weighed again and I'd lost a pound....I'm certain that was the scales not the loss of wee! So put those scales away for a couple of days and focus on the LL scales instead.

Overall you are doing brilliantly, keep it up girl.


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Up until last week, I was always on the scales too! It made me feel better to see the numbers coming down. Bit of the feel good factor you know. Well, that was until last week! I got on the scales and they said I had put on 4lb! It was a great big lie by the scales, in reality I LOST 4lb, and so I have fallen out with them. They are currently residing behind the tv, where I rarely venture due to the dust collection we are building back there!!

Fret not KW, you will be just fine come weigh in night!!


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