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Not so fabulous today - Negative post sorry!


Absolutely Determined!
Arrggghh!!! I'm not having a good day after all. I was fine until I had my porridge around 10.30...which was lovely...but then I felt starving after it. I had the vanilla shake at around 2pm as I was fantasising about things I don't really want..and I'm still hungry. I have drunk tons of water, I've had a cup of black tea...and I just feel miserable. I know this is my psyche messing about with me and testing how much I really do want this, and I do, so much!! I'm not going to 'choose' to eat, because I really don't want food as much as I want to be slim, but it's annoying the hell out of me that this is happening now, after a great loss last night. I've been so positive, even through the first few days I was still smiling, but now I'm not a happy camper :(
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Loving losing
Don't worry Abfab, we all get days like this.
Silly really after being so chuffed with a big weight loss, you would expect to be so high all the time, but I was the same going into the second week. It's all about cravings I think that come and go and play with your mind, swines that they are. It's not hunger 'cos you are doing all the right things. I usually find that after a crappy day, the next is fine, especially if you weigh yourself again just to remind yourself how well you are doing.
Don't despair, keep posting, it keeps you focussed. :):):)

Hi hun, sorry your having a bad day today. I think its probably to do with the day after weigh in syndrome. I used to get it a lot in the early days, I was all geared up and raring to go for my wiegh in, that afterwards I used to think "so...what now" it was almost a bit of an anti-climax. Put Mrs Chatterbox behind you, keep glugging the water and onwards hun x x
Are you actually hungry or is it just cravings? Keep yourself busy and take your mind off being hungry. Look at what you've lost, Keep it up, you're doing great. Everyone has down moments but you'll get to your goal and think about how great you'll feel then.


Absolutely Determined!
Thanks guys. It's not real hunger no, more like head hunger. And as its my first time experiencing this since being on CD its thrown me a bit. I had lots of "oh here we go, another failed attempt" thoughts going through my head earlier which is RIDICULOUS i know..i've no idea where they even came from. I won't give up, I won't give in..but if my head could just cut me a break that would be nice x
If it's not real hunger then you need to do whatever you have to to take your mind off it - go for a walk, read a book, clean, anything. Before you know it the craving will have passed.


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
i think we all go through this stage hun mine was day 4 . I know u wana do this and well done for getting thru 100% its all so much worth it in the end keep thinking of a slinky red dress!!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon .
your allowed to have a bad day..... just hang in there. your doing great..
just wanted to say I hadnt had it til the other day.. and mine was from shear boredom . I was stuck in with the kids as it was raining and I could have so gone to the fridge and eaten something.

You are strong.. stay positive, the sun is shining perhaps go out for a little walk or something .....

Hey Chick. I'm having a similar day today....not been hungry once till today. Stay strong, we are all here for you xxx


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You still hanging in there, hun?

Honestly, dieting messes with your head, doesn't it? :sigh:

Hope you're feeling better.
awwwwwwww Paula!!
Sorry I didnt see this post sooner....
as you might have seen by my blog, I too have had a crappy day today!!!
Funny isnt it, you can have days where you are fine then it smacks you between the eyes!!
I so hope you feel a bit better later... have some nice dresses to show you ;)



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hey honey. i go through this after a good weigh in. self sabotage at it's finest, in my case at least!!

ignore the little voices. you are achieving too much to let them get to you, and usually i feel better the next morning. so hopefully you'll only have to get through this evening. you can do it!!

abz xx


Absolutely Determined!
Thank you all so much for your responses. Unfortunately, I caved and had a binge. I'm paying for it now with a stomachache and a headache.. but after much soul searching, and helpful advice from my CDC..I'm just drawing a line. I'm aware the scales may not been kind next week, and well, I just have to accept it. I don't even know why I did it. But, I guess as much as I like to believe I am superwoman and have overcome 10 years of binge eating... I realise I am only human. I'm still fighting, I may have given in but I won't be giving up xx


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I've had a crappy day today too, must be in the air! Damn those pesky cravings - they can be soooo strong and hard to overcome. It's definitely a 'day after weigh-in' thing. Keep your chin up, you're doing brilliantly! x
Aaw Paula, sending hugs. Tomorrow is a new day. xxx


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I was like that on Saturday, I was so hungry all day but after an early night I was fine on Sunday, could have been a lot to do with the lovely sunshine we had :) but I think sometimes we're worse when we're tired


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Abfab, you can't fail as long as you are still trying. And I think a lot of us are here because we have/had binge issues, and those take a while to sort out truly. I know it is a battle I will be fighting forever on and off. But at least we are aware and we are up for the fight... I had a similar thing 2 weeks ago after a good weigh in... I didn't binge but added cheat foods in, in small amounts, for a week, to my 810 plan. Needless to say I stayed the same & was lucky not to gain. But... sometimes our mistakes (I make a LOT) can be learning curves too.

The line has been drawn, you're OK... hugs, honey.



always struggling
Hi AbFab, dont you worry about it too much like your CD said draw a line under it and you will be back on track and I bet it doesnt affect your weight loss this next week. Chin up hun and im sending you a big hug xx


Loving losing
Been there, done that, seen the film and got the T shirt....it's happened and you are still posting so all is good. Just a blip, don't dwell any more on it, tomorrow is another day and you will be fine.


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