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Not so secret confessions of a foodaholic!

Well it has been a while since I joined Minimins and this will be the third diary that I have started. Not to mention the upteenth time that I have started to get back on plan but it hasn't been until recently, that my head has been in the right place. I will do it this time and I will lose the weight I gained since I fell off the wagon in February. I will also lose the weight that I intended to lose when I first started slimming world last year. I have to. I forgot how easy slimming world was and how much I love the plan, not to mention how I hate crash dieting.

It hasn't been a good year really, money wise especially which really affected my eating habits. When you only have £50 a week to live on, as a family of 4.... it's much easier to fill the freezer up on cheap frozen food and slimming world was thrown out of the window.

Despite my money troubles ending, the damage was done, extra weight had piled on and habits had been recreated. So angry with myself! I haven't been this weight in years so had thrown all my clothes that fitted me back then, away! Not going to moan anymore though, 4lb has been lost over the past few weeks and I'm positive for the future. I'm 7lb away from the weight I was when I first started slimming world back in October and that is my first target.

All moaning over and promises made, I think I had better introduce myself. Hi, I'm Hayley, I am 29 and I'm a foodaholic!! I am addicted to food. Smokers can keep their cigarettes (although I miss smoking tremendously) and binge drinkers can keep their alcohol (but I would like a little bit of vodka for myself - yes please) I am happiest with food in my mouth.

I live with my boyfriend of 4 years and 2 little monsters, Kayla who is 7 and Rebekah who is 3. I am lucky to have a very supportive family. My boyfriend will eat my slimming world friendly meals and doesn't tempt me too much. I do need how to control my urges and learn how to say NO to myself when i see someone else eating chocolate. I'm my own boss and it's all about self discipline. Things won't get better unless I change my habits and lose the control food has over me.

I haven't been writing down my food diary since I went back on plan but since yesterdays meals are still fresh in my head.. I'll start updating from then.

Extra easy

Breakfast - zilch, nothing, nada! Was so rushed and had nothing slimming world friendly I could eat. I couldn't even have a cuppa so wasn't a good start.

Mid morning snack - Tea made with partial Hexa and sweetner whilst in ASDA.

Lunch - 2 slices of ww bread (Hexb) no butter and tin of smart price macaroni cheese (1.5syn)

Snack - Banana and coffee made with sweetners and more of my Hexa allowance

Evening meal - Chicken fillet in gravy (from iceland) jacket potato, mushy peas and carrots

Evening snack - 1 plum and a treat size
twirl (6syns)washed down with a cup of tea. More of my Hexa allowance.

7.5 syns for the day

After a busy day shopping, I really wasn't in the mood for lots of cooking so it was convenience all the way. Today will be different. Almost lunch time already so I am going to finish writing up my daily meal plan. Choices choices hehe. Diet, what diet?? ;)
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi Hayley, Yay another diary to read!
Looks like your head is definately in the right place this time - you seem really determined!!
Can I be really nosy and ask where abouts in South Wales you are?? I live in Pontypridd and work in Cardiff so wondered if you were close... !

Your food looks good, although with EE you are supposed to have 1/3 superfree with every meal, however appreciate you may not have had chance yesterday as it was more convinience - and I'm definately guilty of not doing it all the time!!
Hope you're having a good day!
Hello Sarah, thanks for replying! I'm not sure how far Pontypridd is from me but I am in Cwmbran which is near Newport. So Cardiff isn't that far away.

I do try and make sure my meals have plenty of super free food in it but yesterday was one of those days. Got in from shopping and it was 3pm, I needed food and I wanted it right there and then! I did make sure I had a fairly generous portion of carrots with my evening meal though.

Today has been a bit better :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thought that was probably the case!! I often don't get the 1/3 SF because I'm in a rush too.
I'm not great on Welsh geography (been here 9 years next month - still not grasped it!!) but I don't think you're that close!!
Glad you're having a good day today, I've started with a cold today so feeling a bit sorry for myself!!

Do you tend to stick to EE most days or do you mix around?
I am an Extra easy fan because I am definately a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Plus, being able to mix meat with pasta for yummy spaghetti and meatballs is like heaven for me. I try not to have EE every day though so will have a green day 4/5 days out of 7! If I am going out with friends for a drink in the evening, I tend to go for a green day because green days are filling for me and I am less likely to have chips when I'm out. I just have a yummy meal of something stodgey like jacket spud and beans before I go. It also means I usually have a spare Hexb for when I get in if I am peckish. Alcohol does that to me hehe.
Todays menu plan :)

Extra Easy

Breakfast - "fried egg" grilled bacon and mushroom in toasted bread. I had a scraping of light mayo on each slice as I didn't want butter but can't bare dry toast either. I will syn it as 1syn to be on the safe side.
A cup of coffee made with sweetner and milk from partial Hexa

Lunch - Chicken chow mein made with thin chow mein noodles (dried variety) sliced peppers, spring onions, mushrooms and soy sauce

Cup of tea with sweetner and more of my Hexa allowance

Snack - sliced banana, small handful of blueberries and a small handful of grapes

Evening meal - Sausage casserole made with quorn sausages, baked beans and ASDA sausage casserole mix (packet is 7 syns but it was split between 4....making it 1.75 so I'll say it was 2 syns. There was a lot of sauce left over in the casserole dish tos, so it is probably less that that.) Slimming world chips.

Snack is going to be a cup of sweet tea and a treat size twirl 6syns

Total syns for the day 9
Green Day

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with sweetner and partial Hexa

Lunch - Egg mayo sandwich made with 2 slices of ww bread, 1 tbsp light mayo(2.5syns), sliced tomato and sliced cucumber. Banana.

Drinks - 2 glasses of no added sugar orange squash mixed with diet lemonade

Evening meal - Quorn curry with tinned tomatoes, chillis, red pepper, onion and mushroom. Golden batcholars savoury rice and a handful of sw chips.

Evening snack - treat size twirl (6 syns) and a cup of tea with partial hexa allowance and sweetner

8.5 syn total for the day

I am really enjoying slimming world again and I feel healthier. I'm not bloated anymore and I have definately noticed that my jeans are not as snug. Yippie!! Yes I CAN do it this time.
Here I am again, it's becoming a bit of a habit. But that's good, because it means I am dedicated about this. I'm sticking to plan and I don't feel deprived at all. It's just as it should be. Todays menu plan is as follows....

Extra easy

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix with sweetner and milk (partial hexa)

Lunch - 2 rashers of grilled trim bacon, 1 egg cooked in fry light, mushrooms, grilled tomato, 2 quorn sausages and 1/4 tin of beans. 1 plum.

Evening meal - pasta bolognese made with stock, herbs and tinned tomatoes

Drinks - tea and coffee using Hexa allowance, glasses of orange squash.

0 - syns total for the day

For the first time ever this week, I haven't fancied anything chocolatey with my evening cuppa. I'm quite shocked really but it must prove that the plan is working because I'm not depriving myself. Despite this, I really hope I have a loss on Tuesday....

last min edit... after posting I had a bag of multi pack walkers crisps which were 7 syns :)
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I'm having a bit of an odd day food wise so am posting this food diary entry now so I can log what I am eating. I met my friend this morning and was out until 2.30 so missed breakfast. This is how my day has gone so far....

Extra easy (again)

Breakfast - missed it :(

Snack - Roast chicken fridge raiders - 2.5 syns and a lunch box size garden gang apples and grapes.

Lunch - 2 slices of ww bread with 2tbsp of Can't Believe It's Not Butter at 2syns, marmite and a plum for afterwards.

Evening meal - Chicken and veg stir fry with chow mein noodles. I used soy sauce, broccoli, yellow peppers, onions and peas to bulk it up. Syn free :)

It's currently 3.15pm so won't eat anything now til dinner time. Not sure what I am having yet but will make it filling because I haven't had a great deal all day. I am determined to stick to plan :) I will try and make it syn free so I an treat myself to a curly wurly as my evening snack.
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I did a naughty last night! I went over my syns by having a treat size twirl (6syns) and and a bag of multipack walkers (which I have discovered is 6.5syns) I was fully prepared to do this and not so worried because I haven't been using all of my syns this week so had a few spare. This meant I had 17syns yesterday)Plus, the week isn't over yet.

It didn't end there...

About 11.30 - 12pm last night I was STILL hungry and this is all down to having a weird day and not eating til 2.30... missing breakfast etc...
I ended up having a cheese sandwich with a hexa worth of mature chedder and 2 slices of ww bread. I also had 1/2 tbsp of light mayo (1syn) and some sliced tomato.

I am so angry with myself but I was soooo hungry. I do wonder though, because it was almost 12pm, could I use the HEXa and Hexb choices from today and go for a green day? Could anyone help with this? I don't want this to be my downfall :(

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Well I am struggling today! I am still on plan but can't stop thinking about food..... So far I have had,

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with sweetner and partial hexa allowance followed by a plum

Lunch - pasta with tinned toms, quorn pieces, courgette, peas and some spice.

Snack - multipack walkers (6.5syns) and a small bowl of grapes and blueberries.

Planning a meal of quorn sausages, sw chips, beans and a "fried" egg this evening and I should have enough syns left over for a curly wurly.... need to keep planning or I will fall off the wagon because it's so easily done. As my group consultant always said.... none of us plan to fail, we just fail to plan!
food diary looks good but bit confused do you follow ee every day as todays looks more green to me as to the use of quorn
I ended up having a cheese sandwich with a hexa worth of mature chedder and 2 slices of ww bread. I also had 1/2 tbsp of light mayo (1syn) and some sliced tomato.

I am so angry with myself but I was soooo hungry.
Hi hun, don't be hard on yourself, you'd had a weird day and you were hungry, pre SW we'd have been off down the chinese or in the biscuit tin, but you stayed in control of your hunger and had a cheese and tomato sandwich, just imagine the damage you could have done. Don't stress, just wipe the slate clean for today, stick to plan and you'll be fine xxx
food diary looks good but bit confused do you follow ee every day as todays looks more green to me as to the use of quorn
I do prefer EE but today was a green day because I try to alternate a little bit. I would prefer more green days but I love my meat too much

Louise, I know it could have been worse but I had been so good and was worried it would start a slipery slope. I was desperate to have some of the ice cream that I have in the freezer. It literally took all of my will power :eek:

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