Not sure I can carry on with this...


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I really want to be slim, and I really want to carry on, but this is just too hard. My partner has just been diagnosed with depression and really needs my support at the moment, but I'm feeling too bad to give him the help he needs. My mood keeps swinging and I'm going from a wibbling, angry mess to feeling OK and back really quickly, and I'm lashing out at the one man who is trying to help. I know there's more to it than just the diet but it's not helping at the moment.

Help me minimins, I'm really not sure I can carry on!
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The only person who can make the decision about the timing of this is you : is now the right/best time for you to be doing this??

But part of the equation surely has to be how you will feel if you DON'T do this so you can be there for your partner. Resentful? That you put him before you?

So many difficult questions to be answered, and as I say you are the only one who can answer them. The only thing I would say is that while you are making the decision stick with the plan. You know we are here for you whether you are doing a VLCD or not - good luck making your decision, xx


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I echo all that the wise and wonderful DQ has said and would also like to add that it does get easier. In fact it becomes a way off life and actually takes pressure off, you'll start to feel relief at not having to worry and stress about counting cals or points or checking labels on food when shopping etc etc, and at the sam etime there'll be the added bonus of weight loss!

The mood swings should settle down, hang on in there!

Good luck.


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Thanks D_Q and cheb, I needed to hear that :) I'm going to stick with it, I've come through worse OK and I can do this. Mr Frog needs me, but he needs me happy and healthy. Had a fourth pack to stave off the really bad cravings, but have stayed true to the diet.


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Well done ms frog, i think you will feel more able to stick with it and support him if you are happy in yourself. I'm glad you have decided to stick with it- probably easier to do that than stop and struggle through ketosis all over again. I hope things with mr. frog improve, you have all of our love and support xxx


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Hang in there-it really does get easier-I found my mood swings were much less after a few weeks on the diet.You can do it!


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There is a possibility even if you did stop, you would still have the mood swings. They could be a side effect of your worry over Mr Frog.

I too think if you possibly can you should stick with it, but the decision of course needs to be yours.

Theres never a 'good' time to beat an addiction, but I think now you've started it would be a real benifit to continue!

I know how depression can effect a family, I was brought up with it as my Mum suffered. I don't doubt that you are encouraging him to seek the help he needs, make sure he knows there is no shame in suffering from depression, he is just ill.

Best wishes and big cyber hugs to you!



Keep going - I know how hard it is to deal with depression and my partner was very supportive of me. You can only be supportive if you are happy doing what you need each day because it makes you strong for yourself and for others.
Stick with it.



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Well, I fell off the wagon hard today. Me and said partner split up last night, I've now travelled up to scotland for a few days to see my family. I will continue to lose this weight, but right now I need to be amongst friends and get a bit drunk :eek: :(


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So sorry to hear about that. I hope that everything works out for you personally and that you will excel at losing the weight that you want to when you are ready to. Thinking of you, Angela x


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Just an update to say that I'm settled in a new house and that I'm doing Ok. Currently eating really healthily and doing lots of exercise, so the weight is still coming off and I'm feeling great! Might go back to CD, but for the moment we'll see how this way goes...


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Wishing you every success at whatever you decide to do weight loss wise.

Hope you soon settle and feel good again.


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Treefrog I really feel for you Im in a bit of a dilemma myself at the minute but it is important to look after yourself glad your feeling a bit better this site is wonderful for support cheers Mandy x.


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Hey hun,

I'm so glad you're ok- was a bit worried about you there for a while. Good to hear you are doing well with your weightloss, whether its on CD or not you always have my support- and i'm sure I speak for all the others on CD part of this site who have got to know you!

Wishing you all the happiness in the world and big hugs!


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you must be feeling it right now - *hugs* i am not much help - but losing ur temper is not a good sign!

are you losing your temper - or your mood swings because of the diet?

if so maybe try another evryone ones diffrent -if not then stick with just take it easy too -
i hope things get better for you thou x *hug*