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Not sure if i'm able to keep going

It's day 1, and I already feel horrible.

The shakes are by far the most vile tasting things I have ever had.:eek::eek: Ever. Worse than anything, seriously. Losing all motivation I previously had :(
My breath STINKS. Ive been brushing like a mad woman. I cant afford to have breath strips for the length of time I need to do these shakes. Its horrible :(:(

Anyone else feeling this way? Advice please ;:)cry::cry::cry:
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I actually found the shakes good but my lack of energy is the problem. I feel soo tired and drained...I haven't done anything all day and had to take a nap aswell...I don't feel hungry or have headaches..Just craving and tiired...We'll be ok. Today was my first day aswell..x
Today was your first too?
Great, you should keep me posted and i'll do the same :D
the first 4 days are the worst, if u can just keep sipping water, and i find making the shakes with ice cold water really helps and sipping it through a straw 2, hope u can muddle through good luck xx
Yeah, keep me posted. We'll help each other threw it. Lol. You'll be ok..Just think of the out come..x
Hi A Better Me, thanks for the advice. I've been blending them with half ice, half water, to make it more like a milkshake. It's helping somewhat, but i still have to drink them very fast, and find the after taste so disgusting I have to brush my teeth immediately afterwards.. :/

BinnyBee3, I sure will. Its good to have someone else to talk to about it. Can use this forum, or email if you like? :)
hiya girls my first day was yesterday too. i also have headaches :0/ xx
Yeah, Neeky..Which ever you like. :) I've been looking for someone to keep me company. Haha. Too bad we don't live closer to each other.

Jaynie...Congrats on finishing the first day...x
Dont give up yet. Hang in there and get your first week under your belt. I know it seems ages away but honestly it gets better it really does. The bad breath probably wont last. Once ketosis kicks in youll feel so much better.

Ive never tried a LT shake but dont look on them as 'food' look on them as medicine, they dont have to be tasty they just need to do the job


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Keep going i have just done one week and lost 12.5 llbs....this diet works... but you have to stick with it!!! 1 week in and i feel great... but the first week is hard!!!! Binnybee.... your start weight was similar to mine!!! I havent excercised really so i bet you could expect a similar loss hun....there's ways to make the shakes nicer....

Keep going!!!! It'll be worth it!!!

Oo! Good to know Deezer! Amazing loss. I hope mine is close to that. I had a vanilla with coffee today and it was really good!! x


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Make your chocolate one.... Crush 2 sweetners and put them in... and make it up with cold peppermint tea!!! Mint choc chip shake... tastes almost naughty!!! x
How exciting. I'll try that when I get round to buying the tea. :)

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