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Not sure it's working


Well it's been almost a week and I thought it was going quite well, no side effects and am feeling like I could stick to this but the scales haven't budged at all. I had my totm the day after I started taking it and my weight didn't go up like it normally does so I was hoping it was masking a loss but it's not happened, I weigh exactly the same as a week a go. It's hard not to get your hopes up when you read about people having good losses for the first few weeks, I know it's not a miracle drug that's going to make me lose loads quickly but it doesn't seem to be doing anything? I've been really good this week and am on a low fat diet, i also go to the gym 3 times a week and do an hour of cardio and burn off 500 cals according to the displays so why am I not seeing results?! Anyway just needed a quick moan! Has anyone had a slow start on Xenical that got better?
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x Nee x

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Hey Humf,

Dont get down, its still very early days, and by the sounds of it your exercising lots so could be turning any fat into muscle, have you measured yourself to see if there is any losses that way?
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This medication can take up too a week too get started, i agree with Nee,measure yourself,some weeks you will have no weight loss but it always catches up with you in the end,the weeks i have no weight loss i have lost inches. I have also hidden my scales because they can become very diss heartening and addictive!! I am being weighed by my nurse now. Let us know how you get on x x


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Put your scales on the loft!!

and dont weigh yourself for another week, you will see the scales move, its just your body adapting.

Did you measure to see if inches lost?
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*hugs* I have written this very same post myself, So I know how you feel x

My progress has been slow but steady, Sadly not all of us have the huge losses others do :( I am sure you will see a difference soon, And remember slow off = stays off (if only I could take my own advice :rolleyes:).

LiSe Xx


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please dont give up - my first week on Xenical wasnt great, i had some side effects - dry skin, headaches, bloating but they all cleared up after about 1 week/10 days once your body has got used to it and like Lise says were all different so please keep going, a little loss is a loss non the less remember and all those little losses will add up to one big one and it will all have been worth it.

chin up and were all always here :D

H xx

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