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Not sure what I'm doing wrong??!!

Been on Xenical for 5½ weeks. First week - lost 4Ibs, Second week - lost 3Ibs. Since then I've not lost anything!! Although I haven't put the 7Ibs back on - thankfully!!

I had an appointment with my GP - he said he was really pleased with my progress. I also had an appointment with my dietician - she thinks my diet maybe a little on the low fat side - and encouraged me to eat a little bit more fat!

I have been exercising regularly - 2/3 gym sessions and 1 aerobics class per week. I also try and walk as much as is possible.

GP told me I need to 'get it into my head' that the drug is not a quick fix and because I need to lose 1½ stone to have an healthy BMI - the weight loss isn't going to be quick - and that I need to start thinking that it may take 6mths to reach!

Losing faith a little now .....

B xx:wave_cry:
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I think given that maybe because you are nearer your goal weight ( as in over all, you've had less to loose than say me for example)you will find it harder to loose. Your GP is right in that it is not a quick fix, it doesn't speed up weight loss, and that its purpose is to deter you from eating fatty foods so that you in turn make permanent life style changes.
Are you keeping a food diary? Drinking enough fluid? Eating up to 15g of fat in every meal? I know it's disheartening, but don't give up, hang in there, and we'll be here supporting you :)
Thanks for replying!

One of my biggest down falls is that I def do not drink enough! I work part-time, and the days that I work I am really good! I have a water filter at work! The days that I don't work, I am terrible - forgetting to drink!!

At the moment I don't keep a food diary - but this is something that I will start to do.

Thanks for your help!

B x:)
You're welcome :D
Remember fluid intake doesn't have to be water, it can be sugar free squashes, diet colas, tea and coffee. Also the food diary is good from the point of view that it can pinpoint any potential problems as well as keeping you on the straight and narrow ;)

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