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not sure what to do next


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Hi, im tom, im 26 and 5 foot 6.

i was always ultra skinny up till i was 19, i had been 9 stone 6 for 3 years, after i reached 19 the weight just piled on

15 days ago i was 14 stone 1 (i have the stretch marks to prove it lol), by cutting out the fast food and cycling/jogging/swimming im now 13 stone 6 ,
i have no idea what my weight should be but am guessing about 11 stone,

I need lots of advice as im really not sure what to do next, do i carry on what im doing or do i go on lighter life etc etc

All i do know is ive got to stop piling the pounds on and need to get rid of the weight

So any ideas?
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Just realised ive posted my figures in stones and pounds, i think 14 stone 1 is about 196 pounds, i want to be 11 stone which is 154 pounds i think
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It's all about what's right for you... if you want a quick weight loss, there's Very Low Calorie Diets like Lighter Life or Cambridge. Or you could take a slower plan like WeightWatchers or Slimming World (or any one of the dozens out there). Or you could look at the reasons why you've piled the pounds on (like eating too much fast food/not exercising enough) and make small changes in your lifestyle that will lead to you living a healthier life and losing the weight - sounds like that's what you've been doing so far and it's working well.

Just don't go on any of the random faddy drop-a-stone-in-a-day type diets, because once you stop doing that and go back to eating normally, you'll find that your weight starts to creep back up.

Good luck with whatever you choose. :)


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Ive always been disfunctional with food, when i was a teenager i would go a couple of days without eating, and ever since i hit 19, i couldnt go 2 hours without food, on average i was eating 5k calaries a day, mainly fast food and drinking beer 3 times a week, im now eating less than 2.5k daily and exercising, i supose i was getting inpatient as i want instant results, i am doing ok at the moment but i am nervous that ill go back to bad habits


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If you still feel a bit like your not in control of your eating habits then maybe the more drastic plans are not for you! I find them hard to stick with long term? What your doing now is working so you've got time to look round the forums and think about what will suit you. Youve made a really great start so feel proud of yourself!!

I'm the same sort of weight as you and have the same goal!! We can push each other along a bit!

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Thanks for the advise, legomom that sounds a good idea, a few of my work mates are joking i wont last long so i could do with all the support i can get, obviously ill try and push/support you


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Hi, I'd agree with everything said, slow and steady is the way to go! I've lost loads in the past and put it all back on and more! Its worth trying to find what's going to suit you long term and sticking with it.

Good luck. :)
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I agree with the others ir sounds like you are doing it the best way already. I know it is hard to be patient, I weigh myself every day even though I know it's stupid, I am just dying to see more results and can't wait a whole week haha! Exercise is the one if you want to see it come off a bit quicker, plus if you track how many calories you are burning you can compare that with your food diary and see how much work it is to shed a donut or bag of chips and by increasing your awareness you will be developing knowledge and healthy habits which will see you into the long term beyond reaching your weight loss goals. Good luck!

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