Not sure what to do really. HELP really needed.


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Right. Where do I start.

Having successfully lost weight with LT, and kept it off for a couple of years now I don't really know which way to go.

I keep dipping in and out of SSing to keep an eye on my weight, but as I don't have a counsellor I don't really know what to do.

I really, really need to wean myself away from the packs. This hopping on and off the wagon is doing me no good. I know that! My BMI is 22.4 and I shouldn't be SSing, but if I try to come off completely I gain a few pounds and panic, which sends me straight back to the packs again - vicious circle.

As LT don't really do AAM or 790 etc, I was wondering if I could adapt the CD approach to maintenance and have two shakes and an evening meal of mainly protein. I would like to lose the few pounds I gained over Christmas, but really can't (and shouldn't) be SSing to do it! I have approximately 32 foodpacks left, and I could in all honesty do the two packs and one meal quite easily for the rest of my life, as I quite like the packs, but miss some eating!

I don't really know which way to turn, so really guys I am looking for advice as to which way to go on this. I am not down, or depressed or anything like that, just totally bloody confused as to which way to go next. I don't want to SS for the rest of my life, but there again, I don't want to gain loads of weight. I could really do with some guidelines and advice. I seem to be spending my life obsessing about foodpacks and not really getting anywhere!

Any help would really be appreciated.
Hi Cheryl,

With your BMI at 22.4 I think your body is telling you not to be SSing.

Your not suppose to SS below a BMI of 25

I think you can still lose weight no problem on 3 packs and a meal of 6 ozs of chicken/8ozs fish, accompanied by 3 tbsp 'white and greens non starchy veggies. You can also have 1/2 pint skimmed milk. Water intake is at least 4 pints per day.

If you only wanted to take two packs you would have to go up to 1000 kcal to compensate nutritionally and add to the previous fish and veggies 150 kcal breakfast of fruit and an additional portion of carbohydrate. For example, 12/2oz (40g) wholewheat pasta, noodles or rice or 6oz (150g) boiled or baked potato. An extra 50 kcal allowance of fruit is allowed for dessert, something like an apple. Also your daily allowance of 1/2 pint of skimmed milk.

Isobel is doing 1,000 kcals, so you might get some ideas for meals from her.

Going back onto food this way will give you the discipline your looking for, but it will take a few weeks or longer.

The reintroduction of food is similar on Lipotrim as on Cambridge and you can get maintenance bars and shakes in your Chemist/ or by post and Lipotrim will send you some free sample if you write to them.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
Oh Mini darling, you're my hero!

I tried the maintenance products from LT a couple of years ago, and again last year (only once!). TBH I just couldn't stand the taste and texture of them.

Will definitely go along with your suggestions, and perhaps PM Issy for some help and ideas.

Many thanks again for taking the time to reply with such useful information, you're a star!
That was my fear Cheryl. I was so scared I'd end up on relying on food packs eternally. I really wanted to make this my last diet ever. So far so good, but you can never tell what the future hold....I'm feeling positive though.

You've done brilliantly to maintain and that Christmas gain is so normal. I read today that the average person takes three months to lose it. Assuming the average person isn't dieting, just losing it naturally.

Using the packs as a sort of calorie controlled diet is one way to go, but you could always use something like WLR to calorie count if you wanted. The tools they have a great, and I found it so much easier than I expected.

I did that for about a year when I finished CD as I really didn't want to use any diet related foods (though the odd pack if I had it would be handy for when I'm in a rush!)

I stuck with it for a year as I really needed to internalize what I really needed. Now I'm on my own putting it into practice.

I do understand you wanting to use packs to make up the calories, especially if you already have some to hand, and minis suggestions are good, but maybe you can keep WLR in mind for moving on?

You've done so well and put in the hard graft, it's a shame to have this hanging over you at this stage of the game.
Thanks Karion. Will definitely have a look at WLR, could be exactly what I need to move on.

Once again thanks for the help.
Best of luck to you Cheryl whichever way you chose.

WLR probably isn't for everyone, but it was the only 'diet' I could find that helped me get off that treadmill. A chance to eat what I chose and learn to make sensible choices because I wanted to, not because I had to...but still allowed to me to eat normal food rather than processed diet foods which I didn't really enjoy.

I've spent way too many years hopping on and off. Trying to eat the right thing (cos I was on the diet) and then eating the wrong thing (cos I was off):eek:

Then I suddenly had one of those lightbulb moments........
Hi Cheryl - yeah I'm back on CD1000 and using WLR to help me control my eating.

Just had a lush quorn shepherds pie with onion gravy, with butternut squash, mangetout, brocolli, cauliflower and carrots. I've scoffed some cherries, red and green grapes and still have 300 cals to go, so will enjoy 2 CD bars tonight at my leisure.......

It sure beats SSing so long as you can stay in control. Last time, I got cocky and stopped doing a food diary on WLR and it all fell to pieces!!!!

Good luck with it, doll! xxxxxxxx
Thanks for that Issy. Might be picking your brains over the next couple of days.

Today I've had my 3 LT shakes, 6 small quorn niblet thingies, (bit like chicken nuggets) with some tom sauce, a plum, mandarin and a banana. I don't think I've had enough food though, as I feel a bit hungry at the moment, but not sure what (and if) I should eat!

Its a total learning curve for me at the moment too.