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Not sure where to turn...

Long story short, Started trying to lose weight a long time ago, 2007 to be precise... at 16 stone 3. Lost a lot of weight with Slimming World, and got to 14 stone 10 then went on a girly weekend and never got back to it after that.

Throughout 2008 the weight crept back on, and before i knew it i was over 16 stone again, so tried slimming world again, with great success, got down to 13 stone 13. Then just gave up.

Over 2009 I was in complete denial. I still thought I was in the 13 stone bracket, it wasn't until just before Halloween last year i stepped on scales for the first time all year, and sure enough had gone up again to 16 stone something.

I started just counting calories as it was just too difficult to start slimming world again. And i lost about half a stone. Then in Novemeber i got a really bad stomach bug and ended up losing a stone in 2 weeks. But worked hard when i got better and the weight stayed off. Christmas came and went without too much damage and have so far this year been eating healthy and exercising and am now down to 13 stone 3.

But all of this month - nothing has happened. I've been good, exercised, eaten well, with only 2 days exception (Valentines and an engagement party) and I didn't go super crazy, Just had a bit more. But no where near enough to halt my weight loss so badly.

But the fact that it's stopped has really put me down. It's making me feel like i'll always be fat and there's no way out.

I've just bought the food doctor diet as it's pretty much what i'm doing now- (No wheat, limited dairy - sensible options) and plan to start on Monday.

But if anyone has any tips or suggestions i'd be really grateful.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and have started swimming 3 times a week as of last month...

Thanks in advance...

Britt xoxo
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I don't have any tips - just don't give up. Get your head down and keep going, don't get discouraged, and good luck.


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What about a shock to the system? Up your calories and reduce the exercise a little for 5 - 7 days (in a healthy eating type way of course, not dairymilk binge!)? Sometimes, I think your body gets used to what going on, especially if everything is pretty much the same each week. A few days off, and then back to it, may make your body sit up and notice?

But what ever you choose to do. They say the most unhealthy state for your body to be in is yoyo, up and down (as you were before) You will be healthier now a few lbs off you goal weight because you are eating right and exercising, than if you were between a size 8 and 14 constantly type thing, up and down.

You are doing well and are learning a new healthy attitude to food and exercise. That is worth more to your health and future maintenance than a few pounds this week. You will get there because you want to. You are certainly not destined to be fat with that attitude. You are already living like a slim person does. It will drop again, bit of a plateau that's all.

You will have heard this before but it's true. Toned muscle weighs more than fat! Have you taken measurements, more reliable than the scales and numbers often. No weight loss but lost inches?

Very best of luck.


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Your story reminds me so much of myself - doing so well then going away and giving up which is exactly what I did and like you I went back up. Sounds like you are really determined. How have you been getting on?

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