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not understanding :(


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hi, im just wondering, i know and understand why you have to eat the superfree and it completly makes sense, but what im wondering is say i have free food at lunch like soup or jacket potato and mince is it ok to eat my fruit an hour after or before or do i have to eat it straight away ?:rolleyes::confused:
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the whole point of eating the superfree either before or after your meal is so you don't over indulge in free foods (which are higher in calories) plus we all need a certain amount of fruit and veggies in our diet so this ensures we get the approriate amount. I find it easier to divide the plate into 3 - carbs, veg & meat.


Helen xxx


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yep i understand that, and i certainly feel i eat it before and after but do i have to it it with it if its fruit?
hi when i eat fruit as part of my superfree i have it b4 my meal then i am fuller and always leave a bit on my plate :)


I see the light!
your fruit is your superfree, and you can eat it afterwards, I always tend to save my pudding (usually fruit and yog) for later on in the evening, it hasnt affected my losses at all.

Helen xx
My consultants says that eating it afterwards and as snacks is fine and not to get too bogged down in the 3rd of a plate rule so long as over the whole day it evens out. Obviously if your losses slow down I would look at how to change then.
the idea of a 1/3 superfree with your meal is to stop having a plate filled with just carbs and proteins, which although are still free on extra easy, they are the foods that are higher in calories and if you do overindulge in them with not enough superfree, then it is likely you will be consuming well over what you body physically needs and may get no weight loss or at the worst even a gain.

Slimming World of course is not a calorie counting diet, but it still uses the same principle, just in a more clever way without having to measure or work out points/calories etc.

I always say I dont agree with eating the 1/3 superfree AFTER your meal, the reason for this is, you could eat a plate piled high with just carbs and proteins, be completely stuffed and then go on and eat a bowl of fruit because you are thinking "I must have my 1/3 superfree" - so with that in mind I think your 1/3 superfree should come before or with you meal always. It is far better to be satisfied and leave some on your plate, than to clear all your plate, feel completely full to almost bursting point and then force yourself to eat a bowl of fruit.
I agree with britmum the idea is to get u fuller on the low cal foods, I always try to eat the superfree on my plate 1st so ifvu am stuffed I'm not leaving the supefree but free foods xx
I always try and make an habit of having superfree food with all my meals. If I make a meal where there is no superfree food for example bangers & mash. Then I will snack on fruit throughout the day inbetween meals. But like Britmum says never force it down you just because you think you have to have it though.
Stacey xxx
hi, thanks all, no i dont force it down me, but say if i ate a bacon & wm bread sandwich, i'd then eat fruit before and after but it could be an hour after i try to eat it before and after,

i'm finding the soup a great way of getting all the veg into me but agian that would be on its own, though i try to have even a cup of it before my dinner so i dont be as hungry eating my dinner

i think my losses will be slow because i'm such a big carb eater, but now with the weather hopefully getting better i'll eat more salads

thanks a mill for all your help :)
Straight away. It's meant to fill you up so you eat less of the higher calorie stuff. I make myself eat the superfree foods on my plate first, before tucking into the meat and carbs.
you should be trying to include it with your meal where possible. How about adding grilled tomatoes or similar to you bacon sandwich.

or make up a big pot of superfree veg soup and have a cup or bowl of that with your sandwich.

It is so easy to add a 1/3 superfree alongside whatever you are having or as a quick meal before hand as a filler upper if it is not possible to include it in your meal.

This will help avoid eating too many meals with just carbs and proteins.

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