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not used to this!

I've just been out shopping for guests who are coming to stay for a week. Don't know how you all deal with it - you must be so strong! My OH is away for a few months so havent had any food in the fridge or yummy things in the house so really easy! You people who are doing this in the middle of the cornucopia all the time - well WOW. My WI is tomorrow so must.not.eat.
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WOW... you've had it easy then for a few months...once you hubby comes home and sees that you have lost weight, im sure he will support you, this also goes for your friends who are coming to stay...my friends come around to my house and eat crap like
big mac's, crisp etc, but at the end of the evening i can hold my head high and be proud of myself for being strong...that what this diet is all about...you will be fine...all the best
Hang on in there - there's no reason why you can't feed you guests healthy stuff or even stuff you don't like anyway... with both you won't be tempted and they'll go home feeling much better:p
its easy, bring it on....'put em up, put em up'!
I have to shop every week for OH and 3 children but you really do get detached from food. When I was at my sisters I did her shopping for her and made several meals for them (7 including my 3 children)

Someone said that the smell of food is better than the taste and it is so true. The smell of freshly baked bread is yummy but I don't eat it.

Hope you have a great time with your visitors.

Thanks everyone. Im hiding upstairs just making a soup because was late with it anyway. Thing is I just dont want to discuss it with anyone. I feel like my LT journey is so private. Not sure how I will handle this....very competitive people especially about weight. Nice though looking forward to spending time together
ok Im crazy Im loving cooking and loving watching people eat


Says it as it is!!!
We manage bescause ...we are not hungry...and if you are tempted its head hunger and you mind thinking you are wanting it and NOT real hunger!!!!
We and YOU WILL resist because you no longer want to be fat and look gross when you look in the mirror.. and we have realised there is more to life than stuffing our faces.. more enjoyment, success, happiness and most of all CONFIDENCE
What do you think about how it seems to teenage girls? I dont want to give the wrong message - then again I guess its pretty obvious I have disordered eating patterns just by looking at me! Really want to change myself, get rid of all the extra fat, and I'm starting to see that it's not impossible.
Are they with you for long, peeps on here have used loads of different ways of 'avoidance' Shame you don't feel you can say - but I do understand the need for privacy , peeps will come along soon with deets i'm sure xx
I have a teenage daughter and when I started LT I sat down with her and explained the diet to her. I said that if I had eaten healthily I wouldn't need to do it and if she ate sensibly then that was all she needed to do to stay healthy.

I'm sure your visit will go fine but if you do have to tell them then I'm sure they will understand.

Good luck.

Thanks. If I do end up telling them thats exactly how I'll approach it with my god daughter. enjoyment success happiness and confidence..............thats a good future for me.........and healthy and self possessed too thanks all x
You'll be fine. She will just want what's best for you. My daughter is my biggest encouragement. We were shopping Wednesday and I had bought her a sandwich for lunch. I jokingly asked her for a bite and she said I could if I wanted to undo all my good work!!!!! She always asks how my WI went and tells me I look nice. I'm sure your God-daughter will be your biggest supporter too.

Have a great weekend.


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