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Not using syns

4th day here and I've not been using any either. But may have a vodka tonight and my sil is coming around with her 4 day old baby on sunday so we'll be having wine as shes abstained for 9 months!!! I think you are supposed to have at least 5 a day but these can be done on a weekly basis so at least 35 in a week
You need to use between 5 and 15 syns a day. Some people, not all, can get away with weekly syns (so between 35 and 105), but that's something you'll figure out as you get used to the plan!

Syns are there to stop you feeling deprived and 'on a diet'. You might not feel like you need them to start with, but as time goes on you'll be so thankful that you can have a bit of chocolate, or a bag of crisps, or whatever you fancy, without ruining your progress. If you start out with thinking that you don't want or need syns though, then that bit of whatever you fancy may well lead to a massive binge!!

The other reason for making sure you have your syns is so that you have something to cut back on if and when you hit a plateau - you can cut 15 syns a day to 10, 10 to 5, but if you're already having no syns, then there's nowhere to cut back!

If you don't feel like you need syns for 'naughty' things, have you thought about incorporating them into your meals? Extra cheese, real oil instead of frylight, extra cereal or bread, canned fruit or soups, 'proper' sausages, gravy, jam or butter on your toast, sugar instead of sweetener, synnable yoghurts... there's LOADS of things you can use your syns on that aren't 'bad' foods.

One syn is roughly 20 calories, so 105 syns = 2100 calories. If I remember rightly, you need to reduce your calories by 3500 to lose a pound, so even if you have absolutely no syns whatsoever, you still won't even lose a pound extra!

They're not just allowed, they're an important part of the plan. Have them and enjoy them!!
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your syns are there to stop you feeling deprived..
1 syn - approx 20 cals.. so by not having those 15 syns a day you're only saving 300cals..

if you don't want them then by all means don't use them, i don't use many, just a couple a day for gravy and the odd treat like a piece of pork pie with my sunday tea round mums..

I'm eating loads but still losing loads..
mainly you want to eat lots of veg and other speed or super speed foods.
don't skip or skimp on meals, if you're hungry then you're not doing it right..
I think Laura explained it perfectly. It's really important to incorporate syns into your diet, even if it's something like nuts, white bread, jam etc. Our consultant was telling us that as we get to target we need to cut our syns down to keep up the weight loss, if you don't have any syns to cut back on then there's not much you can change.

I struggled a lot with syns at the beginning, but now I always have baked crisps or snack a jacks in the house if I can't find a way to get syns into my main meals.
I never understand how people can't use their syns.....I could eat (and drink!) triple mine every day!!!! Lol
Oddly enough, you never read that people can't eat the free food!! I really think a lot of people just have a problem with the fact that they think synned food is 'naughty' food.......BUT it doesn't have to be!
If you are eating free yogurts, swapped them for synned ones, if you are using frylight, swap it for extra virgin olive oil. If you fancy a chunk of choc, have some, or a bag of crisps, or a glass of wine....have it.
If you want gravy on your roast or ketchup on your burger, mayo on your salad, have it!!!!!!
Synned food need NOT be naughty!!! It's there to make your food even more enjoyable.

To my mind, if you are not having syns then you are not following the plan 100%.....

Go on treat yourself, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy all these extras before SW so why stop having it now????
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