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Not very happy chicken

Really struggling at the moment guys and gals and could do with a pep talk.

I am on LL and it is my last foundation class next Tuesday. The problem is that my weight loss seems to be slowing to a crawl. I started off great guns at the beginning - had a few weeks of being a bit naughty picking here and there and got that under control a couple of weeks ago. Since then i seem to be retaining water and hardly losing any weight at all.

I need the number on the scales to keep moving steadily to keep me motivated for the long haul I have ahead. I am just over halfway so even being optimistic and hoping for above average weight losses I have another 100 days to go after foundation finishes on July 25th.

I guess what I am asking is - does anyone know how I can help the water retention? I am upping my water daily to try and flush it through but this doesn't seem to work as my rings are still digging in where they were sliding off a few weeks ago. All the herbal remedies I have looked at have sugar coated tablets which I obviously can't take. Has this happened to anyone else?

It is TOTM at the moment so I wonder if the build up to that may have been the problem - but I would have thought the retained water would be reducing now.

I am a grumpy chicken this morning aren't I ?
Sorry to be such a whinge

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Apparently nettle tea is brilliant for water retention - health food shops sell it and as it's a leaf tea you should be fine with it. Chin up, it's a blip you can get over. You look fantastic already so I imagine looking in the mirror must give you a boost!


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the nettle tea sounds like a good idea. havent got anything helpful to say, just wanted to point out u have done incredibly well and u look great so dont be too hard on urself. if u r sticking with the plan it'll come off one way or another. xxx

Just Do It

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Hi CC,

I finish foundation on the same day as you, I've got a couple of stones to lose after that. But I find that I have been retaining water as well over the last 3 weeks. It is so frustrating. Just think though when it all comes gushing out!

Well it must do at some point, we can't swell up forever.

Keep going though, at least the fat will be coming off still. I went into Next changing rooms yesterday to have a good look at my shape to see if it has changed. (Only one face mirror at home) The last time I went in was 3 weeks ago when I was horrified to see that the left side of my lower body still had rolls of fat where my right side had lost them.

I was thrilled to see that the rolls have definately reduced on the left side so the fat must still be coming off.

Urghh that sounds so grotesque!!


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
not grotesque, just fab progress! well done xx
Nettle tea it is - thanks for the tip Peridot.
Claire - I also have uneven fat distribution on one side (how odd thought it was just me) luckily it does seem to be slowly evening out so fingers crossed. Thanks for your kind words, although I now have a mental picture of us swelling up like water balloons and popping in our last class - LOL
Thanks everyone for your (as always) fab support.
You are a wonderful bunch of people
Time of month definitely causes water retention so this will be some of it. Do keep drinking lots of water as it does help (although it takes a week or so to work). The nettle tea sounds a good idea.
I know its always good to see the number go down on the scales but sometimes it seems to work that you lose inches rather than weight.
For the uneven weight loss it is worth massaging the place/side that is bigger as it helps to break down and losen the fat.
Good luck with it and keep going. It will be worth it all
oh poo - forgot the nettle tea. DOH!! Hang in there! SO pleased I' not the only one with totally weird tummy! Mine is facinatingly gross!
I bought some nettle tea (not bad taste wise with some sweetner in either) and it does seem to be doing the trick!! So thank you so much for the tip Peridot!
Anyone else suffering - I highly recommend it!
Thanks everyone
They sell it at Holland and Barrett - I think it was £1.05 for 20 bags - so doesn't exactly break the bank either. My god it is a funny colour though - try no to look at it before you drink it (looks like pond water!!)

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